Stallion, Now A Proud Gay Man, In DC Comics' Nightwing

Stallion, Now A Proud Gay Man, In DC Comics’ Nightwing

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Recently Marvel Comics revealed that longstanding bit-character D-Man was a gay man. Aside the snickering about what “D” meant in gay slang, it was mostly considered a positive move for the publisher and consistent with the character. And everyone moved on.

Today, DC Comics has done something similar with the Nightwing character Stallion, who first appeared in 1997 in Nightwing #17, and who died with much of the rest of the town Bludhaven in Infinite Crisis.


Well, that’s all been done away with. He’s back. The ex-Dallas Cowboys football player-turned-supervillain who dresses up in leather and a stetson.


However did we not see it before?

Anyway, in today’s Nightwing, Stallion has returned to be part of the group of super villains attending group therapy. And doing a little psychoanalysing over his violent tendencies. Though not before he has exercised some of them.


With some homophobic language along the way. Is he overcompensating for something? Yes.


Quite the urge. Should Nightwing be flattered? Or should using the name Stallion have been a giveaway? As Bleeding Cool’s Joe Glass pointed out to me this morning, there is a well-known gay porn studio called Raging Stallion and the phrase is used in gay slang to describe a well-endowed man…

nightwing-2016-011-009So, you know, he may be down right now, but there are compensations.

Nightwing #11 by Tim Seeley and Marcus To is published today.


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