Which Eobard Thawne Is Matt Letscher Playing On Legends Of Tomorrow?

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matt-letscher-the-flash-thecwIn a show universe that has time-travel and multiple Earths, you can’t always trust when you see a character show up that it’s the character we know. I mean we’ve been introduced to three different Harrison Wells not counting Eobard Thawne. Now we are seeing the Legion of Doom forming and we know that we’ve got Damien Darhk from the 1980’s, before the whole Star City thing. And we have Malcolm Merlyn from the current timeline because of the fake hand.

But which Thawne is it? At one point he was erased from the timeline. But then Barry went back and stopped him from killing his mom only to have to release him to do that very thing. Or is this a Thawne from Earth-2, Earth-12? That’s not likely since he knew Martin Stein. Actor Matt Letscher told EW.com:

We are going to find out shortly on Legends of Tomorrow just how this Eobard links into the Eobard from The Flash, where he’s coming from, and more importantly, where he’s going to after this.

I’m starting to think I’m going to need a white board to keep track of all the various incarnations of characters.

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