Mythbuster Alum’s White Rabbit Project Series to Premiere on Netflix December 9th

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The trailer for Netflix’s new science-investigation series, White Rabit Project, has finally climbed out of it’s hole. The series starring Mythbuster’s alums Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara is set to premiere at midnight on Dec 9th when all 10 episodes will become available. The trio will use their scientific and investigative skills to investigate events from pop culture, science, and history.

Under their microscope are topics as diverse as jailbreaks, superpower technology, heists and crazy world war two weapons. In each episode the hosts immerse themselves in experiments, builds and tests as they sleuth the truth behind these and other well googled themes. In the trailer we get glimpses of some of the things they’ll be investigating, including the daring jail escape of Pascal Payet, and the air robbery of D.B. Cooper. There’s also a scene of Kari sexing a cockroach, and if nothing else, we’ve got to find out what context that comes from.

In speaking with Imahara on what it was like to get to work with the others again on the new series, he said, “It was great getting the band back together again. One of the great things about working with a team for so long is that it felt like almost no time had passed. We were back in the zone on day one.”

If that’s the case it’ll be a real treat to get to see them all in action once again – investigating through science and blowing stuff up. Plus with that cover image of Kari on the video below, don’t you want to see what happens when she pulls the trigger? (I think it’s a net-throwing gun, but am kind of hoping it’s a plasma rifle that they’ve cobbled together)

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