New Dungeons & Dragons Monster Guide Has Limited Edition Cover Option

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For Dungeons & Dragons players, there is a new book to help with your campaigns: Volo’s Guide to Monsters. The book is written from the point of view of loremaster Volothamp Geddarm and is a dissertation covering some of the iconic monsters in the Forgotten Realms. The book also features dissension from Elminster, the Sage of Shadowvale. The two square off… academically… to bring this knowledge to the uninitiated.

The book is broken into three chapters:

Chapter 1: Monster Lore takes several iconic D&D monsters and provides additional information about their origins, their dispositions and behaviors, and their lairs—above and beyond what is written in the Monster Manual. Dive deep into the story behind D&D’s most popular and iconic monsters, including beholders, mind flayers, and the yuan-ti, as well as classics like orcs, gnolls, and kobolds.

Chapter 2: Character Races presents character races that are some of the more distinctive race options in the D&D multiverse, including the goblin, the orc, and the firbolg.

Chapter 3: Bestiary provides game statistics and lore for nearly one hundred monsters suitable for any D&D campaign. Gain access to rules and story for dozens of monsters new to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, such as the froghemoth, the neogi, and the vargouille.

The 224-page is being released in both a standard format and a limited edition available only at core hobby stores. The alternate cover is illustrated by Hydro74. It is available now online and at hobby stores and mass-market retailers across the country. The book is designed to be used with Dungeon & Dragon’s fifth edition.
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