Rich Hall To Quit TV Forever Now That Donald Trump Is President

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Comedian Rich Hall starred in Rich Hall’s Presidential Grudge Match, last week on the BBC. In it he unequivocally put his prediction in a Hillary Clinton win in the presidential election in the USA, so much so that he will “wager everything on that.” He said if Donald Trump wins the election that he would quit appearing on television.

rich-hallWell, Rich Hall is appearing tonight at Old Rope at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, in London. The gig, labelled Trumpocalypse (sold out, availability on the door) promises to be hard, and long, and good. But I think that all attendees, myself included, will be keen to what comes of this video below.

It’s pretty unequivocal right there.

  • “Donald Trump is not going to be president.”
  • “I will wager everything on that.”
  • “I will go so far as to say if Donald Trump becomes president I will never appear on British television again.”
  • “And that is a promise.”

But at least Rich said that he’s now spending all of his time here. We love you Rich!

I’ll report back from tonight’s show tomorrow if I’m able to stand! (from the comedy, the comedy, damnit!)

Old Rope starts at eight!


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