Sentiments and Surprises from the Cast and Crew of Carmilla

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By Danielle Mick

Hey there, creampuffs.

It’s sad, but true: the little web series that could, Carmilla, is closing the doors to Silas University. I was able to attend the panel, as well as sit down and talk with Jordan Hall (writer/co-creator), Steph Ouaknine (producer), Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla), and Elise Bauman (Laura) to discuss characterization, the final installment of season three, and what’s next.

img_2618Without a doubt, Carmilla, has been a big deal in media representation throughout the LGBTQ community. During the panel, fan questions were paused for moments of gratitude. Every single person that stepped up to the microphone thanked the cast and crew for what they’ve done to create a series that places a lesbian (explicitly labeled in season three by Sherman Hollis) in the center of all the action, along with an equally impressive and representative collection of characters.

Needless to say, the energy in room 1A21 was absolutely remarkable.

There weren’t many spoilers about the upcoming conclusion to the web series. Each member of the cast and crew was pretty tight-lipped about what’s to come, but I have my full trust in Hall and the writing team of Carmilla. There was a lot of concern about the finale, but we were well-assured that everything is tied up nicely, with respect to the ongoing Bury Your Gays issue.

The majority of the panel was filled with touching moments between the fans, happy memories and headcanons from the cast and crew, as well as advice for aspiring young writers and actors.

img_2620Here are a few key moments:

  1. There was a discussion on the importance of the relationship between Laura and her father, how it isn’t simply about a father learning to let go of his child, but how it’s necessary for a child to grow from a parent.
  2. Natasha described moments where she just “stared in awe” while she filming scenes with Annie Briggs (Perry), who got a chance to showcase her acting chops as The Dean.
  3. When asked if Laura’s constant pop culture references were intentional, Hall responded with an enthusiastic “absolutely!”
  4. A fan questioned the cast’s first experience with the LGBTQ community. Natasha’s response was hilarious: “Well, I went to a musical theater school–” cue uproar of laughter “–I guess I don’t have to finish that sentence.”
  5. Jordan Hall joked about her playwriting career, “There are more people in this room than there have ever been at one of my plays,” but ultimately left us with inspiring words of wisdom when it came to the world of writing and finishing a product: “You have a million bad words in you before you’re going to write anything good. So, I say, you wake up everyday, crack yourself open, see if is anything worth a damn, and go with that.”

img_2628When the panel was coming to a close, the energy of the room became bittersweet. There was the general agreement of sadness, because something we all shared and loved, is coming to an end.

Or so we thought!

I am pleased to announce that season three is NOT the end of Carmilla. There will be a feature length film, now available for pre-sale, set to release in fall of 2017. If you’re interested in one of the amazing bundles, please go to for preorders!

(This was the first time Elise and Natasha saw the trailer for the movie and they both “got a little emotional” with tears in their eyes and plenty of hugs!)

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