Chapterhouse Cancels Captain Canuck And Northguard Archives

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Yesterday, it was announced that a stack of Chapterhouse Publishing comic books had been cancelled.

Chapterhouse Archives: Captain Canuck #3, #4, #5, #6 and 7 as well as Chapterhouse Archives: Northguard #2, #3 and #4.

STL009922 STL006993

I got in touch with the company who told me that they were “just restructuring our offerings a little. We had some very low orders for early issues of both of the Chapterhouse Archives series as well as the variant covers.”

“So, based on that info we made a difficult decision and cancelled Chapterhouse Archives: Captain Canuck and Chapterhouse Archives: Northguard.”

STL012749 STL006994

“The Odeon variants were pulled as well and order adjusted too.”

“With the Captain Canuck title being behind, Diamond asked us to resolicit it, which has us releasing #9 in September. It was a good idea as it allows us to get ahead on issues so we shouldn’t run into delays again. That is why “The Gauntlet” had to be cancelled. The arc wouldn’t be completed in time. I don’t have the exact date, but I believe it will be solicited again in one of the fall Previews.”

STL009923 STL012750

For those following the series, both classic and new, that’s probably as comprehensive an update as you’re going to be able to get…


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