Etta Candy Goes Back To Plus Size For Wonder Woman #1

As we said, DC’s Rebirth is a relaunch with a modicum of reboot. And so it is for Etta Candy.

This is how the character classically appeared in Wonder Woman.


And how she was relaunched in the New 52 in Justice League.

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With a thing for Steve Trevor.SM69_14

This is how she appeared in the non-DC continuity Wonder Woman Earth One.


This is how she’ll be in the movie.


And now, how she appears in Wonder Woman #1, after the Rebirth…

Wonder Woman (2016-) 001-008 Still black, back to being plus-sized, with more natural hair,a few more years on her shoulders, and a more senior secret services role…
Wonder Woman (2016-) 001-007 Yup, that’s her. Expect the usual flood of complaints whenever they change a beloved character, depending upon what stage in the person’s life she became beloved…

Wonder Woman (2016-) 001-013 …and lots of conversations like this one.

Wonder Woman #1 is published by DC Comics today.

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