The First Two Volumes Of Cerebus – Cerebus And High Society – For Free. All One Thousand Pages.

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STARTsnap_Layout_1_1It is considered a classic of the medium. Cerebus, the 300 issue 6000 page comic book about an aardvark barbarian in a fantasy landscape with pretentions to something more. Or possibly less, but people just won’t leave him alone.

Created by Dave Sim and, joined by Gerhard, running from the seventies to the noughties, it remains a controversial, monumental work of art. Innovative, frequently copied (but not often enough for my liking), it broken open the comic book form and did some very clever things with it indeed.

And had some of the best jokes in the medium, to boot.

And now you get to read the first volume, before it found its focus, and the second volume, where it did what Veep struggles to do now, to perfection, creating a Groucho Marx version of Game Of Thrones, for free. Not one gold coin.

That’s a thousand pages for free. And a two hour animatic version of High Society as well.

If you are so minded, you can then buy the subsequent 5000 pages, spread over fourteen further volumes…

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