Humanoids Announces Publication Of Three Milo Manara Graphic Novels In English

Posted by June 13, 2016 Comment

Comic book publisher Humanoids announced it is to publish three classic graphic novels from legendary erotic comic creator Milo Manara, including  two in English for the first time,uncensored and in their original large formats. While the third will be available in color for the first time.

July sees Milo Manara’s Gullivera based on Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, August has an adaptation of  The Golden Ass of Apuleius, titled Milo Manara’s The Golden Ass. And November sees Pandora’s Eyes, written by Life Is Beautiful screenwriter Vincenzo Cerami  for the first time in colour by Francesco Gaston.

Golden Ass Cover
Gullivera Cover Gullivera2_1_big Gullivera3_big Gullivera4_1_big Pandoras Eyes (Color) Cover

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