Dave Gibbons Was Not Told About Watchmen Appearing In DC Universe Rebirth

At MCM London Comic Con at the weekend, Dave Gibbons was asked on camera about a certain plot twist in the recent DC Universe Rebirth, that saw Watchmen characters and imagery integrated into the DC universe. Indeed, Bleeding Cool believes it may have been happening for years.

One long-winded question was cut off sharply by Dave Gibbons who said “I wouldn’t make the question too long as all I’ve going to say is no comment.”

But answering a follow up asking if they even dropped him an  e-mail, he said “No they didn’t. And that’s all I’m going to say.”

He also talked about his views on Zack Snyder, the Watchmen movie and the Batman V Superman movie, but I know where Bleeding Cool’s headline is…

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