In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A "Social Justice Warrior". And So Does Black Canary.

In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A “Social Justice Warrior”. And So Does Black Canary.

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It’s not every comic book that opens with a reference to singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie. “This Machine Kills Fascists” is what Woody used to have written on his guitar, and it was picked up by others, including Billy Bragg, which is where I encountered it first.



Also, an excellent chance to pay tribute to artist Otto Schmidt, rocking a strong Sean Gordon Murphy vibe with this comic.

In a Newsarama interview, writer Ben Percy said that “Green Arrow is a social justice warrior. Green Arrow has his finger on the pulse of the moment.”

Well, in this issue, Green Arrow says it too, self-identifying himself in monologue…

And he says it to other people, without a hint of irony., And they say it back…


The nature of Arsenal to the hostory of Green Arrow and heroin has been a little up-in-the-air as far as the New 52 was concerned. Well, looks like Wally West managed to jiggle out a new bit of continuity in his run across Dr Manhattan’s chest in DC Universe Rebirth….IMG_3116And that’s not the only memory, as Rebirth also showed us….


And this issue goes there. Or as close as it dares…


As the writer says,

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 by Ben Percy and Otto Schmidt is published today from DC Comics.


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