Danny The Street Banned From WizKids National Championship

929136-dannyJoe Gualtieri writes,

Back in February, Heroclix players got a huge surprise with the release of the World’s Finest set– one of the maps for it was Danny the Street from Grant Morrison‘s Doom Patrol run (there were quite a few DP figures in World’s Finest). This was the first time  Wizkids put out a character as a map, despite many requests over the years that they do Mogo or Ego that way.

danny_mapSo the map came out and has proven to be quite popular on the tournament scene. Top teams posted at HCRealms often had the map as one of the three they used for events. At the tournament I attended for Wizkids Open Weekend (a big promotional event offering otherwise convention exclusive items and sets of chases run at select stores) a few weeks ago, Danny was a very popular map choice.

So it was something of a shock when Wizkids banned the map from the National Championship tournament being held in a couple of weeks.

Is Danny banned because he’s so popular with competitive players, or does WK not want a transvestite street having a huge impact?

As usual, WK. Is being silent and non-communicative.

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