DC Universe Rebirth Just Got Yet Another Flash. And Another Batgirl (Justice League 3001 Spoilers)

IMG_2871Justice League 3001, the adventures of semi-cloned female versions of the Justice League in the far future that doesn’t take itself too seriously, has its final twelfth issue today. It’s not alone.

DC Comics has Rebirth. Marvel Comics has whatever-will-follow-Civil War II. And both Marvel and publisher are entering a period where a bunch of their comic books are hitting their final issues – and quite a lot of them are out today.

And with DC Universe: Rebirth we see a world with three Flashes – Barry Allen and two Wally Wests. Well, we’re about to get a fourth. And a second Batgirl.

Because, rather than wrapping up the storyline neatly while leaving the characters available for other creators to use – the big climactic battle of the series stops in mid-fight as both the characters Batgirl and Flash are taken out of their timeline and dumped in the DC Universe present day.


The big bad hasn’t been defeated, the fight is still going on a thousand years away, and now Flash and Batgirl are trapped in the present day.

You know, there’s a vacancy for a Batgirl in┬áBurnside. And what’s one more Flash among friends?


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