Who Is The Tenth Titan? Teen Titans Gets Its New Name In Titans Hunt (Spoilers)

Today’s Titans Hunt, which has reunited the Ten Titans of old, publishes its final issue.

When the DC Universe rebooted for the New 52, the history of the Teen Titans went away… with occasional glitches. When Geoff Johns returned to the book, he tried to do away with a number of those changes.

But now ahead of DC Rebirth, there have been even bigger changes as the retconned out previous version of the Teen Titans are now being re-retconned as being forgotten – and forgetting themselves.

Image (20)

And now stepping up when it comes to what name to use… Image (21) Yeah, don’t you hate those fake Titans? They really get my goat.But there are more memories yet to be recovered.Image (22)There certainly is!



So who is the Tenth Titan??? Maybe the DC Rebirth title will get round to telling us…

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