Creepy Colonel Sanders Or General Tso’s Nightmare?

I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for new collectibles that I think are worthy of the shelves in your home, and most of the time, I’m impressed by the unique designs I find. Today, I’m sufficiently creeped out and impressed by Frank Kozik’s take on a familiar chicken mascot. The collectible is called, General Tso’s Nightmare…and I think you can see why…


Here’s what Kidrobot has to say:

“Much like the idea of which came first, the chicken or the egg, this art piece provokes the question of who’s really killing who.”

What’s so great about this piece is not just the overall design, but the fact that it all comes in a KFC-esque bucket with interchangeable heads. You literally have the power to decide how creeped out you want people to be when they come to your house.


There’s an extra interesting black and gold version which is super limited to 200 pieces worldwide. So don’t hesitate on this one. It comes at a price point of $75.00. You can see more photos of the figures on