Rewriting The Marvel Universe (Again) With The Silver Surfer (SPOILERS)

SILVSURF2016003_DC11Today has been chosen as the 50th Anniversary of The Silver Surfer, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (though mostly Jack Kirby – who famously never received a royalty payment from Marvel in his lifetime).

And it has been promoted as a moment that will change the nature of the Silver Surfer and his place in the Marvel Universe permanently in Silver Surfer #3

But, as with Peter Davison, the moment has been prepared for.

As the Secret Wars event jettisoned himself into a meta-universe in which he was able to choose between the universes that returned at the end of the event.

IMG_0019Well, in the current issue, the Surfer takes a decision that smacks of the likes of Doctor Who. Cutting off his nose to spite himself. Taking┬áthe impossible, inconceivable choice. Destroying all to save something worth saving. Scorching earth – or Zenn-La – to save a pot plant.


In this case wiping out the existence of his race, his homeworld, his plane and its effect across the cosmos, making Zenn-La suddenly at one with… nothing.

The Silver Surfer began as a character trapped on this planet, unable to return to his homeworld, now destroying any influence – positive or negative – it has ever had.

And so, finally, Silver Surfer is permanently trapped. In a universe in which he can never go home. That’s if he even survives…

Silver Surfer by Dan Slott and Mike Allred is published by Marvel Comics today.

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