Marvel Comics Trademarks Death’s Head And Giant Man – What Does It Mean?

Posted by April 5, 2016 Comment

We always like to keep an eye on the trademarks that the likes of DC, Marvel, Valiant and Mark Millar make. They can be quite revelatory for future plans.

Such as the recent registration for Giant Man and Death’s Head.

Ant-Man (2015-) Annual 001-030

We’ve seen a new Giant Man revealed in Marvel’s titles and there are signs such a character may appear in the Captain America: Civil War movie.

lego-just-revealed-a-giant-captain-america-civil-war-spoiler-763574While Death’s Head was teased in Marvel’s presentation to retailers in San Diego Comic Con last year, but has not been mentioned since. Although every other character has.


Well, both have has a trademark registration made against those names for comic books, published by Marvel Comics.

So expect to see both names in titles of comic books coming from Marvel over the next year…


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