The Loot Crate Harley Quinn Just Rewrote Mad Love

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There is a hell of a lot to love about the Loot Crate exclusive Harley Quinn comic book that landed on subscribers’ doorsteps this week. I asked writer Jimmy Palmiotti about it here.

But now I have my own copy. And this is one of the things that springs out. A rewriting of a famous scene from Harley Quinn’s Mad Love story. As Harley takes an opportunity to go back in time with a very different type of Joker, which sees her back in – and out of – the old jester’s costume.

This is how it went down, back in the day.

Batman Adventures - Mad Love-01 And here’s how it goes down in the Loot Crate comic.IMG_0029

In Mad Love…

Batman Adventures - Mad Love-02

In Loot Crate…

IMG_0029bIndeed, Harley, as in Mad Love…

Batman Adventures - Mad Love-03 Harley doesn’t take it the changes too well…


Well you know who that will be…

Batman Adventures - Mad Love-04And then there’s that much remembered scene when they get back home….

Batman Adventures - Mad Love-12Batman Adventures - Mad Love-13




Yes, that’s a very different Joker…

Loot Crate subscriptions are here, but for this comic, if you didn’t subscribe, you’ll have to go to eBay.

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