31 Thoughts About 32 Comics - Wolverine, The BFF She Is At What She Does

31 Thoughts About 32 Comics – Wolverine, The BFF She Is At What She Does

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IMG_0019Don’t worry, Gotham Academy, it’s Wednesday now! And you know what that means?

2016-03-09 (7)

The Crimson Shadow should, if he knows his Wednesday delivery schedule as well as he used to, before there was any need to leave or survive Megalopolis….

2016-03-09 (6)Action Cat And Adventure Bug know. New comics day! Come on Cornelius, there are lots of brand new comic books available to buy! What could possibly upset a cat?IMG_0021

Okay, well there’s that. Detective Comics #50 celebrates the greatest and the weirdest in a special epilogue of splash pages from Rafael Albequerque, Frazer Irving, Shawn Crystal, Chris Burnham, Kelley Jones, John McCrea, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Cameron Stewart, John Paul Leon, Carlo Pagulayan and John Timms modelled after classic Detective Comics covers… but the issue itself has more than its fair share.


Though Kennel Block Blues does it for real…


And Bunker hopefully doesn’t mean that completely literally.

X-Files Deviations

And X-Files Deviations takes away a Fox instead….

People are getting brand new powers, increasing their existing powers or rediscovering old ones in today’s comics.IMG_0031

Mockingbird develops telekinesis in a story that doesn’t make a lick of sense. But don’t worry, it’s not meant to…UNCAVEN2015B007-int2-2-f9719 Cable is bringing out the best – and possibly worst – of his team in Uncanny Avengers as Synapse gains new empath powers.


And Superman? Well he’s back in business in Action Comics #50… and he’s got his supersuit too! What a happy Kryptonian!

IMG_0006It’s not just Cable who can bring out powers in others. Though I’m not exactly sure if he’d go this far for Deadpool as they do in Insexts.

Today is also a day for using other people’s weapons…


Steve Rogers has the Black Knight’s ebony blade and seems to be justifying Maria Hill’s every fear, in the final issue of Black Knight. IMG_0027 In Agents Of SHIELD, Rick Jones has an earlier Captain America’s shield…


While in The Mighty Thor, the hammer of the Ultimate Thor from the Secret Wars finally comes into play…

ninjak_013_xthoughtsWhile Ninjak #13 has the big Ninjak/Shadowman showdown, with all their weapons in play…

2016-03-09 (2)

From Jupiter’s Circle… I don’t know about you but I thought the job of a vice president was to be murdered in works of fiction. It’s kind of their role. Despite such surface detail, and considerable kink, this comic really plays it straight with a plot turnaround taken from the sixties. Period detail, there.

Mars Attacks Occupation #1

Mars Attacks Occupation #1 shows us the height of civilised diplomacy. No wonder his face is covered by a panel….

2016-03-09 (5)

Savage Dragon has a more successful experience with such an endeavour, as he ploughs through the old “my wife is in labour but I’m busy fighting a naked demon seductress” trope.

Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #2

#DirkWorldProblems in Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #2. At least you know he pronounces “yoghurt” correctly…. but words are important.

2016-03-09 (4)

No Mercy also constantly emphases the importance of language. If there is a morale from this comic it’s “know more, learn more, then shut the hell up”. They have a point…

Liuna the Vampire #3

Though it may not totally play out for Luna the Vampire.


While with the Baker Street Peculiars, yeah, I think No Mercy had it better…

Star Trek #55

And in Star Trek #55, Spock just stands around talking to himself.

More Than Meets The Eye #50

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50 celebrates its own Avengers Assemble moment…


Adventure Time #50 stalks the stalker…



And that’s how it’s done in Snow Blind #4


While the Joker’s Daughter continues to have her own obsession. Looks like all that work acclimatising her to society in recent issues of Red Hood/Arsenal is being walked back ahead of Rebirth… is the Joker reading for daddydom, for real?


All-New Wolverine does the best riff on a certain X-phrase I’ve seen in a while as the empowerment comes to the fore. Although the future of this comic might want to check in with the end of Agents Of SHIELD this week… while Agents Of SHIELD may want to check the end of this comic!

IMG_0020 Harley Quinn sets the scene for a future racebending casting, in Catwoman #50, which becomes Orange Is The New Cat for an issue….


The Vision continues to be Marvel’s best title, as this issue goes into full Watchmen mode with parallel competing narratives overlapping each other as the Vision compiles his greatest hits while being interrogated by the police, in an attempt to justify exactly what he is about to do next…

IMG_0030 It’s a rare, sweet moment in Spider-Man/Deadpool, but also the revelation that in the Marvel Universe they have a Squirrel Girl cartoon. Foreshadowing for Marvel Studios there?

AC-50-4-5-05b14 Oh and Victor Savage burns Lex Luthor in Action Comics #50 to the lyrics of the Flaming Lips….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a big Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50 signing with James Roberts an an exclusive Orbital cover, this Saturday.


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