Six Important Moments From Gotham – A Dead Men Feel No Cold

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This article contains spoilers for the Gotham episode A Dead Man Feels No Cold.






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Last night we got the second part of the origin story for Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze. The character has been around in comics since 1959 (Batman #121), but really didn’t get an origin story until the Batman: the Animated Series episode Heart of Ice. Gotham’s take on the character closely parallels that of the animated version except for the fate of Nora Fries. Let’s get to the important moments from last night’s episode.

1 – Jim Gordon continues his descent into the dark side as he willingly goes along with the plan to use Nora Fries as bait to capture her husband. Leslie Thompkins insists she has to go as well since Nora is her patient. We are seeing less of Harvey Bullock at this point because he plays the opposite of Gordon. The corrupt side of the police force to Gordon’s good… but Gordon has dived deep into that corruption, so much so that Bullock seems like the side of good. And we can tell the Thompkins sees Gordon’s descent as well. This is growing towards a big blow up at some point if Jim keeps lying.

2 – We learn that Bruce Wayne is pushing himself so hard that Alfred Pennyworth is worried for him. Now the he knows who killed his parents, he is hell bent on revenge. He like to Alfred when he agrees to let the older man killed Matches Malone when they find him. He also tells Leslie that he is always honest yet lies to her as well, saying it was the other Bruce. He also asks Selina Kyle to get him a gun. It looks like Alfred has plenty of reason to worry about the boy. But it’s interesting that no one is debating whether or not Malone should die, just by whose hands.

3 – Dr. Hugo Strange is doing some odd stuff at Indian Hill, stuff that he desperately needs the formula Fries has created. And luckily he is given the opportunity to get the formula because of the GCPD moving Nora to Arkham. He aides Victor in his escape in exchange for a vial of the freezing formula. It’s obvious that Strange has a big plan that will probably be the season finale… but what that plan is or if he’s working for someone else remains to be seen.

4 – Oswald Cobblepot is having a hard time being in Arkham. He’s not getting along well with the others and Strange is doing some aggressive treatments that seems to be messing with his head. But when he gets the opportunity to speak with Gordon, he begs Jim to get him out of there claiming to having been tortured. Jim doesn’t believe him. Penguin starts shouting that Gordon is the one to have really killed Theo Galavan. No one appears to be listening except Strange who will undoubtedly use that information later.

5 – A few points in the episode Nora and Leslie talk about seeing the man they love turning into something bad. This of course was a prelude to the ending where Nora switched out the formula in the ice gun so that when Victor freezes her, he uses one that kills her. This devastates Victor, not only that his wife is now dead but that she chose to die rather than be part of what he is doing. This is where the character in the cartoon and here differ in that Mr. Freeze is always trying to find a cure for his cryogenically sleeping wife. But in Gotham, she takes her own life leading Victor to do the same.

6 – But Victor is not dead. His formula turned him into the classic villain from the comics that has to be in sub-zero temperatures to survive. He is now in the care of Strange. And we learn that the good doctor also has the bodies of Theo Galavan, Jerome Valeska and Fish Mooney along with a man missing an arm. This does not bode well for Gotham City.

With the last two episodes being so focused on Fries / Strange / Penguin, characters such as Bullock and Nathaniel Barnes are being wasted. Hopefully it will swing back around soon and we’ll get a little more balance. But next week seems to be focused on Bruce tracking down and confronting Malone.



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