Instead Of Rabbits, Give Them Labbits This Easter (And Littons)

Posted by March 8, 2016 Comment

The baby Labbits are a success! You know what that means? It’s time for more Littons. Kidrobot is releasing a vinyl 1.5″ Labbit with Littons 6-pack, which if you ask me, is way more appealing to buy than a plush. They also released a more in depth description of their new breed of collectible.

No Labbit is an island and we now introduce you to these disgustingly cute o spring of Labbit… LITTONS. These pesky youngsters are produced by some amazing system of reproductive science unknown to mere ordinary mammals…parthenogenesis or magic? YOU DECIDE! All we really we know is you better stock up on sugary treats cuz these babies are born HUNGRY!

Why not spruce up your Easter basket with a new kind of bunny? $19.99 for six? That’s a pretty good deal.

Grab a pack here.

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