Cinema Purgatorio #1 Sells For $112 On eBay

Cinema Purgatorio #1 Sells For $112 On eBay

Posted by March 7, 2016 Comment

Ahead of Cinema Purgatorio‘s release in June, a limited edition hardcover of the first issue of the anthology comic curated by Alan Moore was made available for sale at the London Super Comic Con from Avatar Press’ booth, which had a brisk trade through the two days.

I pointed out that several days after, unlike may exclusive editions offered at comic conventions, no one had even considered flipping their copy on eBay.

That soon changed, and one copy just sold for $112 or £79 on eBay after 9 bids, representing a 310% return on investment for those who picked up a copy on the day, or backed it on Kickstarter for $35…

Looks like there’s money in publishing anthologies after all…


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