When Midnighter And Grayson Fought, Wearing Nothing But Bathrobes

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Midnighter (2015-) 004-000Today’s Midnighter #4 by Steve Orlando and Stephen Mooney sees Midnighter and Dick Grayson descend into a world of grey morality, where money changes people, and the differences between life and death blurred. It’s a complex action adventure, of people trying to do the right thing, or a close approximation of it, in the worst circumstances.

Midnighter (2015-) 004-006

But, because this is Midnighter and Dick Grayson, it does have to start with them fighting in bathtowels.

Midnighter (2015-) 004-007

Mooney is very careful with his “camera angles” though…
Midnighter (2015-) 004-008


And Midnighter likes to let Dick know exactly where he stands.

Midnighter (2015-) 004-008

I’m left looking at the guy with the newspaper, enjoying the show for free…

Midnighter is published by DC Comics today.

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