How Young Terrorists Got A TATU 'Hip-Hop' Variant Cover

How Young Terrorists Got A TATU ‘Hip-Hop’ Variant Cover

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81YNqwBi7OLBret Parks, Ssalefish Comics in Winston Salem, NC writes,

I wanted to share with you the details and origin of the Ssalefish Comics exclusive variant for Young Terrorists issue 1. When Black Mask approached us about having our own private variant they mentioned that they wanted homage covers to classic hip hop albums. I spent some time with Google and my own record collection but nothing really stuck. My next move was to actually read the book. After reading the sample pdf, I immediately thought to the Russian pop duo TATU. They had a terrorism themed video with bombs and explosions and lead character Sera reminded me of Lena Katina from TATU. As you may know, TATU was known for their homosexual themes which are now outlawed in Russia. TATU boldly performed live at the Olympic opening ceremony at the government’s request because they were the most “world known” Russian pop act. In a lot of ways, our cover is more in line with the theme of the book than some of the other variants by providing a homage to an iconoclastic pop duo that, like Spider-Man the menace in NYC, could be called “young terrorists” by their home nation.

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