Mhairi Black’s Most Controversial Tweet Of All – About Doctor Who

IMG_0708-687x1030Mhairi Black‘s victory in Paisley and Renfrewshire South was one of the big surprises of the British General Election, as she unseated a senior Labour party figures from his large majority in the seat.

And because she is only twenty years old (and still has to finish her politics degree – although if I was her I’d try and get ger political campaign to count as a double first), it has given the media the chance to do what they have never done before. Look at the Twitter history of an standing politician from the time they were fourteen.

Much has been made by certain parts of the media over her references to under age drinking, her pottymouth and allegiance to football tribes.

But I came across a far more controversial tweet from when she was 15.

The episode in question? The acclaimed Vincent And The Doctor. I know. The one everyone thinks is great. With an Appreciation Index figure of “86”, judged as “excellent”.

Although for Vampires Of Venice she tweeted,

Which, for 15, is probably exactly what you’re meant to think. She had other franchise allegiances as well.

Ah one way of another, Mhairi is pure dead brilliant. But she has yet to share what she thinks about Peter Capaldi… at least she can match his The Thick Of It character when it comes to the choice of language.

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