Asmodee Starts Organized Play Program

By Christopher Helton


The big announcement from Asmodee at the GAMA Trade Show this year is that they are entering into formal Organized Play. Organized Play, which is typically where tournament-style play occurs in stores and at conventions and sometimes has player rankings or prizes, is fairly common in other forms of tabletop gaming, like roleplaying games and collectible card games, but doesn’t appear to be as common in the world of board games.

Right now the games supported in the organized play (called Asmoplay) will be 7 WondersSplendor and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition. Each has an Organized Play package that can be ordered by retailers from distributors.  Each pack will support tournaments, casual play, and weekly league meet-ups.

AsmOPlay kits come jam packed with amazing, exclusive swag for award winning games like Splendor, 7 Wonders, and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition. The perfect addition for people who want to deck out their games! Each AsmOPlay kit includes two demo copies of the games, promo items and everything you’ll need to run casual play nights, organized tournaments and even repeated weekly in-store gaming  events. You will also receive promotional posters to create buzz for your event, sign-up sheet templates to help with organization, and everything you will need to successfully execute your in-store events.
This is an exclusive program and will only be offered for a very limited time, so sign-up before the opportunity passes you by. Retailers make a one-time program commitment and receive three different AsmOPlay kits, distributed throughout the year, for Splendor (Q2/2015), 7 Wonders (Q3/2015), and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition (Q4/2015). Program enrollment can only be made through select distributors and is limited to two programs per brick and mortar store location. Membership definitely has its advantages!

Retailers who are interested in taking advantage of this program are encouraged to check that they are getting their games from one of the distributors on the Asmodee website, and contact Asmodee for more details. If fans want their stores to take part in this program, they should talk to the people at their local comics/gaming store.

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