Newspaper Agency Corp Settles With San Diego Comic Con During Salt Lake Comic Con Court Case

Posted by January 19, 2015 Comment

webcontentAs Reed Pop acquires ECCC to sit alongside C2E2 and NYCC, and Wizard World brings in Pittsburgh Comicon (does any of that money go to convicted murderer, founder and owner, Michael George?) comic convention moves are making the news again.

The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported on the continuing trademark lawsuit between San Diego Comic Con and Salt Lake City Comic Con.

Party to Salt Lake case was the publisher Newspaper Agency Corp, who just settled with San Diego Comic Con and have withdrawn from the lawsuit as a result.

The paper reports “As part of that settlement, Newspaper Agency Corp. cannot produce anything for a comic convention that looks “confusingly similar” to San Diego’s trademark, if San Diego wins its federal lawsuit against Salt Lake.”

Now that’s not quite true, In actuality, the settlement is now in effect. It only becomes void should San Diego Comic Con not prevail in the other lawsuit.

Technically, San Diego Comic-Con only has the hyphenated version trademarked. Salt Lake Comic Con’s organizers have long contended that they should be able to use “Comic Con” in their name, without the hyphen, since the term is generic. But San Diego’s legal team argues that the similarity has confused people into thinking that Salt Lake’s event is somehow associated with the larger California convention.

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