Attack On Titan Season 2 In Production

The first season of the Attack on Titan anime aired a year ago. People have been wondering and wondering and wondering about a second season. Now we know that the second season went into production last month.

But it will still take time.

Fans have been kept at bay with the announcement of an two original episodes being released between now and then, based on the prequel Attack on Titan: No Regrets prose novel and manga, to be released alongside the 15th and 16th volume of the manga series on December 9th this year and April 9th next year.

Add to that the first season will be split into two and compiled into a pair of films to be shown in cinemas, cut for time and redubbed with the same voice cast. The first, Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow And Arrow is out November 22nd, the second Wings Of Freedom out next year.

With all that, it would make sense that the second season would come out sometime after the second film?

And at least that should calm this guy down…


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