Philip Morris Vs. Steven Moffat On Doctor Who Goes Public – And Will Anthony Horowitz Take Over The Show?


When reporting on the as-then-unannounced recovered missing episodes of Doctor Who a year ago, we included some details regarding Philip Morris, then rumoured to be the source of uncovering the episodes, even though he denied it completely. For a few more weeks.

We reported that,

The rumour stands that whoever hold the films wants the films to be properly treated, with full restoration, the use of vidFIRE and the like, while BBC Worldwide wanted to release them quickly in the format they arrived in. And that has caused the delay, in negotiation and release.

Caroline Skinner, the then-producer of Doctor Who was assigned as chief negotiator, considered a senior enough figure. Earlier this year, after a major public falling out between showrunner Steven Moffat and Skinner, Private Eye reporting Moffat shouting “you are erased from Doctor Who”, she left the show.

Russell T Davies’ first response to that news was, apparently, “who is going to negotiate now?” Apparently Moffat is not in favour with whoever has these films, and initial demands involved Moffat’s departure from the show. Clearly this did not happen.

One variant of the reason that the rumoured recovered Missing Episodes have still not been announced or confirmed is that Morris is waiting until Moffat is no longer showrunner. Today on Facebook, while not confirming any of this, Morris released a modicum of his Moffat disquiet for the first time, writing,

Dr who like any show should not be beyond criticism. Just because it has the stamp Dr who on it it shouldnt be beyond criticism .It is not a children’s programme its drama and should be a family show from age nine to ninety its produced by the drama dept .

My own personal opinion is the show at present is beyond tired
It needs to stop referencing the past.Its fairy tale type fantasy storytelling quite frankly is not Dr Who the show is science fiction .I know I will be crucified for my opinions but quite frankly I dont care they are mine and I feel fully justified. The show needs a showrunner who works on Dr Who exclusively not part time .

I thank RTD for bringing Dr Who back to to a family audience and while not liking everything I can’t argue with his viewing figures.Stephen Moffat has brought some new classic monsters and his 50th anniversary story was a ratings success .They are both high calibre writers however I feel who needs new blood

However x factor had far higher ratings

Guys Dr Who is just not good enough at the moment and needs a new team

Dr who should be judged by its ratings and Quality as a fan I can honestly say that .Its currently not good enough we see the same things from the same people victorian london again .Present day london again
Its tired the personel involved are who’d out

Here is a unique format that can go anywhere anytime any culture. But it doesnt its being held back now by the very people who make it .

It may be worth mentioning that, in ratings, The X-Factor is the UK’s most popular show and has regularly beaten Doctor Who. And the Victorian episode he mentions, at over 9 million viewers, had higher viewing figures than almost all of the Russell T. Davies episodes.

Jut saying. Morris continues in the comments, including telling us, regarding Steven Moffat writing The Great Intelligence into Doctor Who, ahead of the news that Web Of Fear missing episodes would be released.

I had no knowledge of any of Steven moffats writing in of the great intelligence .However I do know who leaked that information to him

As to more news about missing episodes leaking out,

There is no loop to T.I.E.A .I have made good and sure of that.Dr who fans and members of the production team are kept out. Always better for things to come as a surprise and out of left field.

More on Moffat,

Im not going on a witch hunt for steven moffat either who is a fine world class writer.but not on Dr who .The problem is Dr who fans and steven is one they just make the dr who as they see it and sadly its like giving a five year old control of a sweet shop

I think the show now is run by uber fans who earn a lot of money from it and hold on to the title Dr Who hoping a bit of its past magic rubs off

I love Dr Who. But when its format and lead character are poorly served I shouldnt be afraid to say its not good enough. Doctor Who is a fantastic show but needs to be free of its current shackles

Just think of the different cultures on earth we have now so rich .but what do we get served up every time victorian london come on

They were the days when we had strong story editors with power to get things polished up and rewritten and get a good script together remember them

There are good hungry writers around with good ideas just not getting a go.old boy network

As to how the BBC could fix things,

Create a new role of script producer .looking for the best ideas out there to oversee the overall continuity and work in close collaboration with the writers.give the show a classic who feel.make some two parters and set things in real time return the show to its science fiction roots

And as to who a new showrunner might be, he tells us,

I hear the new guy people are talking about was the creator of crime traveler

The guy im told is Anthony Horowitz he will replace Steven moffat

And has been endorsed by philip hinchcliffe

Of all the shows to reference, Crime Traveller was a bit of an infamous damp squib. But it’s worthy noting Horowitz is better known as a novelist including the Alex Rider books, which he also adapted into comics. He also created the ITV dramas Foyle’s War, Collision and Injustice.

Well, we’re always welcome to endorse new rumour mongers to the Bleeding Cool team. Welcome aboard, Philip Morris! Because this probably also applies to new showrunners as much as it does to mssing episodes.

Now what about those episodes of Dad’s Army…?

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