Neon Alley, Anime And Viz Media At San Diego Comic Con

sandy-283x350By Ale Bodden

Throughout SDCC Viz Media hosted a total of three panels centered around: manga, Neon Alley (online anime streaming channel), and Sailor Moon. Hosting all of them was, Senior Manager, Charlene Ingram.

For the Neon Alley & Anime panel Ingram was joined by Program Director, Kevin Kleinrock who gave out SDCC Sailor Moon posters to all attendees. Neon Alley is a new online channel to watch anime legally and it is available through most platforms—you can also find it through Hulu and HuluPlus. I admit it, I am incredibly happy to know that there is a place where I can finally watch Sailor Moon (Classic and Crystal), Ranma ½,NarutoInuyashaVampire Knight, and every other old anime I grew up with. But I cannot get ahead of myself now…

They are bringing back another kitty we all love: Doraemon! It started on July 7th through Disney XD. Our favorite classic Sailor Moon will be shown every Monday, re-mastered and subbed. And every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, Sailor Moon Crystal will be simultaneously broadcasted worldwide. Every Saturday we will also have new Naruto Shippuden dubbed episodes. As well as new re-mastered Ranma 1/2 – which will also be coming out on DVD/BluRay.

Bleach will be also showing on Hulu, and they are up to episode 205 dubbed, and the entire series is already subtitled. Also up in Neon Alley is the complete series of Death Note and Vampire Knight; which they also announced will be coming out on DVD as a complete series. The complete series of Inuyasha is also up and dubbed, including Inuyasha, The Final Act. Another series that is up and highly recommended is Blood Lad, only 10 episodes long; and Gargantia, all episodes up and dubbed as well.

Coming out starting this Fall they have Naruto, Rock Lee and His Ninja Friends, which they will be uploading several episodes at the time, so we can all binge-watch. Also they have a 6th movie for Naruto coming out soon: Naruto, The Road To Ninja by Masashi Kishimoto—it will feature all our favorite characters and sides of them we have never seen before.

They also rolled out announcements for anime coming out on DVD soon: Naruto Shippuden sets 18 and 19, and Bleach sets 20 and 21. The complete Vampire Knight series with extra features and a beautiful foil stamp cover; as well as the complete Moribito series which had been previously release by another company. All 171 episodes of Ranma ½ will come out in 7 different and quite gorgeous volumes, all re-mastered and dubbed- which I now need in my life; it will also include the film and a +60 pages booklet. Blood Lad will be coming out on September with over 30 minutes worth of extras and a +90 pages booklet. Gargantia will be, also, coming out this Fall with new OVA episodes, an art booklet, an art gallery, a petit Gargantia, and a specialty clipboard case. The classical Sailor Moon will be also releasing on DVD/BluRay: all uncut and re-mastered with extras and a +50 pages booklet… it is not censored, you guys!

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