That DC Comics Meeting From Two Days Ago…

Posted by July 18, 2014 Comment

Two days ago, we reported that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson was in New York and had called a meeting of DC Comics New York staff, the week before San Diego Comic Con. Naturally there was considerable gossip regarding what might have been announced, which reached Bleeding Cool, from all manner staff members and freelancers. Something important to say before it comes out at San Diego? More news about the move? The implications of Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner? Not a bit of it.

The All Hands employee gathering lasted for two hours, in a meeting led by Diane that talked about current sales versus projected sales, and where DC Comics expected sales to be. They ran through the TV and movie schedule, talking about how publishing should further align with that. And more corporate synergy.

And that was about it. Some seemed perplexed about why this meeting should be called now. But expect such buzzwords to be on every editor’s come San Diego, as they wonder why they can’t persuade Chris Roberson to come back to DC for more iZombie

I mean, it’s on a bag and everything, why wouldn’t he want to write and draw more?


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