Some Less-Spoilery Doctor Who Gossip

Some Less-Spoilery Doctor Who Gossip

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doctor-who-peter-capaldiFrom sources close to folk from Doctor Who production… only twice removed, these ones. But a lot less spoilery than our earlier post.

Peter Capaldi is brilliant in the role but is genuinely finding the strenuous schedule a struggle. That might have fuelled the one-year-only rumours. And it’s not like he needs the money right now.

Expect a Christmas special full of fan service, something, no idea what, that will be very old school indeed.

Oh and Steven Moffat wanted a more flamboyant costume but Peter Capaldi refused.

Ben Wheately‘s direction is apparently amazing.

Jenna Coleman is enjoying the status her new found fame has brought her quite a bit… and is letting more than a few folk know it!

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