Darkly Humorous Queen Gorya Heads to Kickstarter For TV Pilot

Darkly Humorous Queen Gorya Heads to Kickstarter For TV Pilot

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3e34e9518b6e82c86030d106ba129f52_largeI became acquainted with Satu Runa in the events surrounding New York Comic Con and was impressed by the multi-layered plot aspects of her project Queen Gorya, which was about to go to Kickstarter. It’s a TV pilot starring a late night cable show host of the Elvira variety, crosses over into an occult fan following who are determined to bring Queen Gorya back into the spotlight as their priestess of ceremonies a la Aleister Crowley, but the show also picks out the lives of the camera crew attempting to make Gorya a reality TV star. But there’s more, a subtext surrounding New York Comic Con and the uneasy relationship between cosplay, celebrities, and real life hijinx. It’s a walk through the part that gothic personas have played in TV tradition past, and a relevant exploration of the bizarre role of reality TV today. Add to that exuberant costuming, plenty of dark humor, several prominent and experienced actors, and you have a promising project in Queen Gorya.

[youtube]http://youtu.be/CP8OjZc_rK0 [/youtube]

The pilot will be directed by Satu Runa (Dawson’s Creek, The Coalition), who also plays Queen Gorya, produced by Andrew Harrison (Mad Carousel) and Runa (Final Fangirl Productions), and also stars Haley Hudson (Weeds, Freaky Friday) as “Jane Riley,” and Steve J. Palmer (House of Lies) as “Terry ‘The Wolfman’ Bowman.” The Kickstarter is running from October 15th  through November 22nd and has so far made a strong start toward its $13,000 dollar goal. Rewards include digital downloads, autographed lithographs, prints, walk-on roles, special creature-feature make-up sessions, and producer credits. Adrian Barrios of Marvel Entertainment is also doing some poster-work and reward prints for the Kickstarter and they hope to do some comics tie-ins promotional to the series.



Queen Gorya is a project that has a strong sense of the mash-up appeal of genres to pop culture fans, and also plenty of personal and visionary flair, so here’s wishing them the best in their funding quest. Anyone who would brave promotional work at New York Comic Con has moxy, and it just might see them through to produce their wickedly amusing opus.

You can find their complete press release here, their website here, and their Kickstarter campaign here.

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