NYCC: Venture Brothers Panel

venture-brosFrom BC Correspondent Ian Jane via the liveblog:

NYCC 2013 Venture Brothers Panel

The first Adult Swim panel of the con saw the arrival of the two diabolical minds behind the hit series Venture Brothers hit the stage for panel that didn’t leave a single seat empty in the main hall. Prizes were handed out to those in cosplay garb and in VB paraphernalia to warm up the crowd but soon enough, as Queen’s ‘Princes of the Universe’ played, Doc and Jackson came out to loud applause, dressed in matching racing suits, dark black sunglasses adding to their mystique.

There wasn’t much to show in the way of new footage because it just started last week, but they did say that season six is under way, it is going to take forever but it’s going to be awesome. Given the quality of the show, we can safely take their word for it. So without further ado, they launched into a Q&A.

If they could have any comic book star appear in the series who would it be? Either Brother Voodoo or Aqualad.

Does the continuity help or hinder the comedy in the show? It hinders it.

Favorite fictitious painter? Nick Nolte in New York Stories. And Doc uses Rembrandt toothpaste because it’s called Rembrandt.

What are some of the books that Dean is seen reading in S5 and why? Shogun because he likes sexy historical epics. Cathode Ray Tubes For Boys because it sounds great.

Boxers, briefs or commando? Boxer briefs, but Jackson wears $60 underpants. Doc’s are way too long and they make him look like he is in Milli Vanilli but he won’t show us because he has no ass.

David Bowie and Pete Holmes would be their choices for guest voices, and Johnny Marr is everyone’s favorite guitar player of all time, not the guy from Blur. Doc tells us what it’s like to be a talented musician and a handsome, handsome man… And insists that he caries most of his sex appeal in his hand. He also says he has to get his suits in Narnia.

Doc will not go to Bowie Ball unless David Bowie goes. They are not going to divulge any new character info at his panel, but they have things mapped out on a big dry erase board and that’s about as far as they’ve gone. But there is a lot of weird shit there and it’ll all work it’s way into the show.

The inspiration for St. Cloud’s voice started with Carl Sagan and it just sort of got more annoying from there. Theories about his past…. He is the heir to a plastics fortune and he does look like the love child between Paul Williams and Elton John. If he is hairless, it’s too avoid censorship blocks. But there are a lot of disgusting ideas for him in S6.

Where did Dean get the Cathode Ray book? Probably from his dad.

A guy in a Sgt. Hatred costume offers to let them feel him up, and they debate it. Doc says he will take a nap in them.

How did they come up with the show? They were in Tangier and when walking down one of the streets they came across a man curled up in a pool of us his own blood… And he gets interrupted by a ‘fucking transformer, that guy is on stilts and urinating into a cup.’ And really, there is no great story, they started a dart team to make fun of other dart teams called Dart2D2.

Was Dean’s new persona based on anyone? No, that is just what ended to happen to Dean. Once he got bangs, he got evil. There wasn’t a big finale for S5 but they will get to it next season, they are not as timely as other shows, they are mixing it up. There will be no Shallow Gravy album, you have already had too much.

Did you learn any lessons to get S6 out faster? No. We worked really hard to make the show, that was all we did, and somehow we failed you. You wanted a bike, we gave you a pony. It was a great gift, you are ungrateful! Leave them hungry and downtrend on a cover.

Jackson sweats a lot, so when he is in a recording booth, it can be wet. The voice acting recording is not exciting, lots of retakes, takes a whole day and you have to let your voiced rest and do certain characters in order so you don’t wreak your voice. If Doc does 21 or Dr. Girlfriend for more than ten minutes he wants to vomit and he needs to write more for Billy because it’s easier.

Doc wants to leap over the table and knock out the guy in the giant Transformer costume, and the Transformer guy claims to sweat more than Jackson. He wants a Ghost Robot spinoff or Helper, bit they only have terrible ideas for stuff like that.

Last question… doc gets up and dances with a woman from the audience to Greased Lightning. He sits down and says he didn’t know what to do because he wasn’t expecting Grease to play.

They are writing the new series. But don’t expect it before January 2015, but they are planning an hour or so to be broadcast in fall of 2014. The quality is there, you can’t disagree with that. Season 5 will be out in March and it has great cover art. Sort of a Hardy Boys things and Dark Horse is doing an art of Venture Brothers book, and Doc has not seen the end of Breaking Bad and he hates spoilers.

One more question from a Molotov coz player… She wants to know if Molotov will be back for season six, but they are not telling. Doc sincerely thanks the fans, end of panel.

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