The Women And Men Of New York Comic Con From Bleeding Cool (UPDATE)

richRich Johnston is the head writer of Bleeding Cool. He’s travelled from London to NYCC and boy are his arms attached to his elbows. He speaks with a British accent but is probably putting it on. Follow him on and if you see him at the show, say hi! He’ll be staying at the New Yorker Hotel, so if you want him to read/see anything of yours, drop it off at the front desk.

Hannah picHannah Means-Shannon, Senior New York Correspondent contributes to Bleeding Cool by dunking her head in pop culture ooze and retrieving a few quotes, concocts books about Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman for, and stalks the wilds of comic cons fuelled by triple espressos. Do comment on her t-shirts, especially if you know what they mean.

Grace Randolph Pic BIGGrace Randolph is the creator and host of Think About The Ink on YouTube, as well as Beyond The Trailer, and is very excited to meet some of you at the Bleeding Cool panel Friday night!  Check out

JubileeBioEndymion Mageto is the Senior Cosplay Correspondent of Bleeding Cool. He’s a cosplayer that moonlights as a photographer. He treats convention cosplayers like a game of Pokemon…Gotta Catch ‘Em All. See his work at

IMG_20130830_202412Joe Glass is the creator and writer of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, along with co-writing on Welsh zombie horror-comedy, Stiffs. He has also been known to write for Gay Times magazine, Sidekickcast and Bleeding Cool. He’s generally a great big, fuzzy, laid back Welsh gay.

778712_841332890346_463217487_oRay Flook is a field reporter for Bleeding Cool. He was born and raised in the warm, loving embrace of pop culture his entire life…yet STILL can’t seem to solve a problem like Maria. Climb every mountain with him by following him on Twitter: @DeliciousCowz; or checking out his blog:

IMG_20130802_123311Ale Bodden (Like Alex, but without the ‘x’) is an aspiring writer– in the meantime she likes to explore the Geekverse on her golden unicorn with a good book in hand and advocate in favor of the house-elves. You can follow her through twitter: @alebodden11.

imageRomeo Gebuza is a basement dwelling comic book collector. He’s travelled to the darkest corners of New England and the Tri-State area in search of bargain bin buys. This will be his first time covering NYCC….so buckle up baby!!! Follow him on twitter @therealroman.

patrick-willems-press-photo-350x233Patrick Willems is responsible for the “Afterward They Will Explode” video feature. While at NYCC making silly comic-related videos he will be telling everyone he meets to watch “Aquaman: The Teen Drama,” premiering later this month on Bleeding Cool (it’s apparently the season’s hottest new show). Follow him on Twitter at @patrickhwillems. Watch his videos here.

nik-350x340Nikolai Fomich is a writer and college teacher in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. He is currently working on several projects, including a comic book series called African Odyssey, about a time-traveling history professor from future Africa. Whether he ever gets through the research stage remains to be seen. He loves comics, literature, film, history, and travel, and takes moderate pleasure in linguistics, martial arts, and describing himself in the third-person. Feel free to say hello to him at New York Comic Con. Follow him on @brokenquiver

31760_10100245497063734_7544520_nMike Hogan is a part-time writer living near Prospect Park, and a full-time communications professional working in Lower Manhattan. He likes dogs, soul music, and Tina Fey. Brains, Booty, and all Business. Tweets under @BFCsMike and infrequently writes/blogs at and

Dapper Dan Hart; “System Analyst by day, Gentleman Geek by night. If you see me at NYCC I’ll be more than happy to tell you why Hawkeye is the greatest Avenger ever and why Gambit would be the first casualty if I ever got control of an X-Book.  I’ll be roaming the halls during Con looking for some fan-on-the-street feedback so do say hello.”

Adi Tantimedh is a screenwriter, filmmaker and graphic novelist who has written for the BBC, British Film Institute and various companies.  He has written JLA: AGE OF WONDER for DC, BLACKSHIRT for Moonstone Books and his creator-owned graphic novel LA MUSE.  He writes the Look! It Moves! column for Bleeding Cool and will be filming special video segments for “Look! It Moves at NYCC.

This is Ryan Klingman.

Snapshot_20130521Elizabeth Heyman, as a former research student, explored the history of classic comic book superheroes and their relevance in American history. Now studying economics at Fordham University, she still uses her academic eye to assess the latest titles, regardless of whether or not the main character wears a cape.

Jesse James has traveled 37,262 miles this past year for Bleeding Cool covering Comic Conventions all across the USA.  He celebrates his 30th year as a Comic Book Fanboy and is the Owner of Jesse James Comics in Glendale Arizona.  He believes that SLEEP is the most overrated activity on Earth!

IMG_20131006_165227_722Michael McDermott is a New York Times Best Selling author and regular contributor to FUBAR Press.  He’s written for 215 Ink, Bleeding Cool and is about to launch his first Kickstarter campaign for IMAGINARY DRUGS, a self published anthology he’s edited and assembled with a handful of fellow Small Press Commandos.  He’s also in need of a couch to crash on over the weekend to save on train fare.

1559939780334380709Timothy Carson is a senior at Westfield State University, majoring in English. This semester, he is interning for Bleeding Cool and very much enjoying the experience. Tim is a nerd of all sorts, and has recently acquired an addiction to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Walgreens Edited and pom puppy 004Sofie is 14 years old and this is her first time attending a Comic convention.  When she’s not working with animals or playing the violin, she can be found reading, fangirling with her friends or any place where good food can be found.

IMG_3500Andy Bentley has written for IGN and Geof Klock’s Remarkable Blog. He longs for a change at DC Comics at many levels. Until then, he’ll continue to read old Kirby comics.”

profileMadeline is a playwright in her copious amounts of spare time. She yells at her television at lot, and is constitutionally incapable of taking things at face value.

1233570_3339979713946_2135354172_nJeremy Konrad has been obsessed with comics from the age of 5. He thinks if you are not reading East Of West or Rat Queens you are not reading comics correctly. His lifelong dream is to be in a Star Wars film.

IMG_20131006_214141Paul Gullas will be covering NYCC for Bleeding Cool for the first time in 2013. He greatly looks forward to experiencing the glamour of the comics blogging scene. He lives in New York.

marq-romeroMarq Romero lives a happy and geeky life in Somerset, New Jersey with his beautiful wife, Chriselle, and their dog, Zooey Dogchanel. He currently works as a web designer/graphic designer, and in his free time he draws superheroes, goes comic book hunting for key silver/bronze age issues, and seeing the world through Google Glass. New York Comic Con holds a special place in his and his wife’s heart ever since 2011, when he proposed to her via a flash mob of cosplaying dancers in front of the IGN Theater.

IMG_0326Kirk Staley. I am one of the first hearing impaired reporter, and I have fifteen years of experience attending San Diego Comic Con, but this will be my first time attending New York Comic Con! Reason I have so much experience with San Diego Comic Con is that San Diego is my home town! This will be my first time attending a Comic Con as Press! Please follow me on twitter @kauthor

PeteSailer_BleedingCoolPicture(1)Pete Sailer is a senior at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Known by his superhero name, The Eternal Intern, Pete has worked at Valiant Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, Pantheon Books, Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art and ABC. This will be his first time writing for Bleeding Cool. Follow him on twitter @PetesPanels

Also attending for Bleeding Cool are Bryce Merriman, Jackie Sunderland, Mark Saunders, Tony Randazzo, Daniel Celko, Ian Rock Shock Pop, Amanda Gurall, Jeremy Konrad, Michael Curran, Christine Stephan, Samantha Naimo White and Fion. Gotta catch them all!

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