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Aaron Haaland writes;

Hey Fandom! It’s me, Aaron, and I just read Forever Evil and all this week’s Villains one-shots. First, I loved Forever Evil #1. This is my DC Fanboy red meat. Johns plays with the theme of natural selection or survival or the fittest and gives us a Crime Syndicate that has actually taken over our Earth. The Secret Society is all here as well in a four page fold out. Also, something game changing happens to Nightwing. The title of the issue is Nightfall, so there’s that. I can’t wait for more as well the Justice League tie-ins to see just where they even are.

The Villains one-shots were hit and miss and I spend a lot of this video just telling you who should read what (like Justice League Dark: Creeper is for Katana readers). My very favorite of this bunch is Relic, which is really Lights Out #0. Relic’s backstory is full of clues as to what’s in store for our modern day Lightsmith’s. Andy Kubert’s Joker was quite fun and Andy Clarke did a nice Bolland. Two-Face had Harvey holding court for 20 pages, and Tomasi and March nailed it. Justice League of America: Deadshot was a slam bang first part to Matt Kindt’s Suicide Squad run, and it syncs up to the Forever Evil tie-in of Suicide Squad #24 coming next month. Justice League: Darkseid is actually a must read for Batman/Superman and Earth 2 fans, not Johns’Justice League readers (the book was good though). The issues that didn’t really do much for me were ones from series that I’m not currently enjoying, so there was no shock in that. Overall I dug the villains theme for DC and like how for the most part these issues are setting the villain up for future stories in my favorite titles (like Relic and Count Vertigo).

Check out my other video this week for a couple more DC books, Marvel, and creator owned titles.

Hey Fandom! This is part two of my A Comic Show for this week. I talked about all the DC Forever Evil and Villains month happening in the previous one, but Marvel hit this week hard too. I also liked a few creator owned books and THE Star Wars.

First up I had to mention Batman Black & White #1 with the amazing talent they lined up on it. I also couldn’t help but mention DC vs the Masters of the Universe. I may have my mom read me this one while I bang my Superpowers and He-man figures together for old time’s sake.

Hoax Hunter’s started their season two with #10, it’s a good jump on point to sample the title. I have the first part of four connecting phantom variant covers in my shop. Hickman’s got an Avatar book, either hell’s frozen over or God is Dead. Yeah, sorry for the bad joke, but this book was a great blend of Hickman’s deep mythology and Avatar’s baser elements. I think fans of either will enjoy it, so that’s a win/win. Trillium #2 builds Lemire’s sci-fi romance from the cute meet to some flower power. The Star Wars is the saga we sort of know, except this is based on the first draft of his screenplay. Also, it seems to star him as General Skywalker.

Marvel held their own against the DC villains onslaught with the second part of Infinity. Thanos’ generals are taking out the New Avengers on Earth while Cap and the rest continue their space retreat. Over in Spider-man, the 2099 one is in our time and takes on Spider-ock! Seriously, this issue kicked it into high gear. If you’re a 2099 fan, you need this! Bendis’ X-Men Battle of the Atom parts one and two came out this week with three X-men teams. The originals from the past are still hanging around when some future X-men show up to return them to their time. The current X-men take sides and we get a mutant sci-fi time-traval romp for their 50th anniversary. I’m game.

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