A Few Things That Took My Attention From August’s Solicitations – Palookaville To Dictatorial Grimoire Cinderella

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STK616400We’ve mentioned a few bits and pieces of note from the August solicitations for the comic book direct market. But there’s lots more to get our teeth into.

Drawn And Quarterly have a new Palookaville hardcover from Seth, featuring more slice-of-stylised-life Clyde Fans tales, the Matchcard brothers get a longer bit than usual, Seth begins a sketchbook memoir about his childhood in Ontario, Nothing Lasts, and extracts from his comic book diary from the past decade. A new Palookaville is always a treasure, and Nothing Lasts looks like it may make it even more special.

Image publishes Saga #13 in August. Eagle eyed readers will remember that Saga #12 came out a few weeks ago and caused a big fuss. Basically that means that, yes, you still have three months to wait for your next issue. Can you survive?

They also resolicit Secret #3, the third part of the comic we’ve been waiting for since last year. So, you know Saga fans, consider yourself grateful.

STK616868And Chew doesn’t give us a big gap, instead it fills in one, telling us “CHEW #36 is CHEW #29½”. Retcontastic.

There’s also a new book from Image by Li’l Depressed Boy creator Sina Grace, with Daniel Freedman co-writing, called Burn The Orphanage: Born To Lose #1

A young orphan named Rock was left for dead, now he’s out for revenge! With partners Lex and Bear by his side, our hero will find out who burned his home and family to the ground. If that means taking on every goon, punk, and topless stripper ninja in the city… then so be it.

So there you go.

STK617340As well as launching a new Rawhide Kid comic, Dynamite have a new Vampirella book out entitled Vampirella Southern Gothic by Nathan Cosby and José Luis.

Which is, basically, Vampirella going to the Mississippi. You know, I’m sure the Deep South will have something to say about her dress sense.

Top Shelf Comix have The March, their civil rights graphic novel series written with Congressman John Lewis as well as Andrew Aydin and drawn by Nate Powell.

This has the potential to be one of those comics that everyone notices. Big time.

AMIGO2-666x1024Amigo Comics launch Arcane Secrets: The Curse Of The Mottled Tentacle by Angel A Svoboda which they describe as Lovecraft for Kids.

Lovecraft for kids! Cthulhu mythos for all the family! Join Doctor Ment and his faithful companion Harry Callahan in the fight against The Things That Go “Boo” In The Night! Many ancient artifacts of the Dread Xulu and other Elder Beings are lost, and if Ment and Callahan doesn’t retrieve them, the evil minions of the evilness will do it!

AMIGO join forces with DIBBUKS, the renowned Spanish publishing house, to release the all-ages adventure ARCANE SECRETS for the American readers! This is not a cute Cthulhu for kids. The danger is real! And only Doctor Ment, the brave Harry and the… strange creature called Elvis can stop it. Adventures, craziness and hectic fun are the trademarks of Angel A. Svoboda, the creator behind the Arcane Secrets!


STK616471Rod Espinosa and Antarctic Press bring us Steampunk Corsairs. Which is an all-female all-submarine sailors comic with probably a greater emphasis on corsets than clockwork.

Aspen however take a step away from the usual with Overtaken, one of their new Ten for Ten titles that chooses not to have scantily clad women on the cover. Or even men. Written by Frank Mastromauro and drawn by Marco Lorenzana, it’s some kind of mystery about a man and his missing wife possibly taken by aliens, possibly not. You decide.

Black Is The Color by Julie Gfrörer is a collection of mini comics from Fantagraphics about an abandoned sailor in the 17th century, and his eventual death. Spoilers. The graphic novel is about his journey to that point. You can read an early version of the first chapter here.

First Second are collecting Delilah Dirk And The Turkish Lieutenant, a beautifully, intricately webcomic in a fine print collection. Lots of this kind of thing.


You can read it all here… then decide how much it would benefit in print!

And while so many people are doing versions of Grimm Fairy Tales, Fables, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, is there room for another?

STK615088Ayumi Kanou is the creator of Dictatorial Grimoire Cinderella, starring a teenage half-Japanese descendant of the original brothers, Geimm Otogi who discovers that his family’s legacy is coming back to get him. But that’s okay, because he has a male Cinderella to help save him. Published by Seven Seas…

While Zenescope launch new Grimm Fairy Tales spinoffs, Realm Knights and No Tomorrows.

Of course, much is about what doesn’t appear than what does.

No sign of Red She-Hulk, it appears that July will be the last issue, and will be the first Marvel NOW casualty. Equally Gambit talks about its next issue being its last.

DC drops to 49 regular titles of the New 52 and cancels four of them. So expect big changes in September. There’s no mention of Villain’s Month, despite DC Comics being villain obsessed in August, giving us a Joker hardcover for Death of The Family, Secret Society Of Supervillain collections and more. Though I understand that as a result of Bleeding Cool mentioning that it was called Villain’s Month so much, it will now have a new name. Bad Guy Four Weeks? But it looks like for some books, the month event may be continuing well past September.

And Valiant is looking more and more like DC, with Robert Venditti, Matt Kindt and Justin Jordan taking on books… can Van Jensen be far behind?

There’s no Kick Ass 3 #3 solicited for August. This is despite Mark Millar promising;

@mrmarkmillar 13 May
Oops. My bad. I was looking at dates the comps arrive. Kick-Ass 3 #1 is on sale June 5th and MONTHLY thereafter. Huzzah!

mrmarkmillar 9 May
.@BlytheOakman Kick-Ass 3 begins in 3 weeks and is MONTHLY. Oh yes! 8 issues in total, two double-sized.

And still no sign of Nemesis 2 as it approached a one year delayed anniversary. I’m told that Marvel have Steve McNiven busy, and not to expect anything till 2o14…



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