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Death by Skottie Young.

It appears there was some controversy in the beer naming contest for Denver Comic Con.

Breckenridge Brewery is making a special beer for tge DCC so they held a contest to name the beer. The winner ended up being Caped Brewsader; last year it was The Fantastic Pour.

But it seems some people have been calling foul, and that the option of naming of the beer as something Elfquest related, Pike’s Dreamberry Ale, was removed. That they had Wendy and Richard Pini’s permission to use the name. But certain mass voting seems to have pulled it from the running. So Caped Brewsader it is! Ben Templesmith will design the label.

So, C2E2. Stuff happened this weekend. Marvel announced Battle Of The Atom, DC announced an Infinite Crisis game, and I took the kids swimming. But what were you reading during it all?

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

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  2. Justice League Movie Seems Set To Reunite Man Of Steel’s Zach Snyder And David Goyer
  3. Ultimate Spider-Man’s New Girlfriend Revealed… Fece It Tiger, You Just Hit The Bullseye
  4. Iron Man No More – Gwyneth Paltrow Says There Won’t Be A Part Four
  5. What If The Eleventh Doctor… Is Not The Eleventh Doctor?
  6. Whatever Happened To The Before Watchmen Epilogue?
  7. Pre-C2E2 Marvel Scuttlebutt – Cancellation Of X-Factor And More
  8. WTF? Azrael Is Back In The New 52?
  9. SHIELD Spoiler: Is This The Solution To The Agent Coulson Mystery?
  10. The Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Mystery Is About To Be Solved
  11. X-Men: Battle Of The Atom, Superior Spider-Man 2099 And More Marvel At Chicago
  12. A Jupiter’s Legacy Tweak At DC Comics
  13. *That* Panel From Jupiter’s Legacy #1
  14. The Death Of Wolverine? It’s Possible.
  15. Joss Whedon Teases New Characters In Avengers 2 – Sounds Like Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch To Me
  16. That Potentially Spoileriffic Cover For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  17. The Superman Unchained Foldout, Peeling Off The Joker’s Face And More DC At Chicago
  18. New Carrie Poster Might Seem Like A Spoiler To Some
  19. X-Factor Is Cancelled – Official
  20. Internet Suddenly Realises That Jupiter’s Legacy Is Not Day And Date

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  5. Pay And Credit For Colourists – Marvel And DC
  6. First Concept Art From Andy Serkis’ Performance Captured Animal Farm
  7. The Week In Guns
  8. Discussing Iron Man 3 With Its Screenwriter, Drew Pearce
  9. The Graphic Novel In Reverse – Tales From A Soaring Penguin
  10. Neill Blomkamp’s Sci-Fi Comedy Chappie To Feature Die Antwoord As Themselves
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