It's Looking More And More Like A Shazam Ongoing Series Isn't It? Plus Will Romine At The DC Panel UPDATE

It’s Looking More And More Like A Shazam Ongoing Series Isn’t It? Plus Will Romine At The DC Panel UPDATE

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JUSTL_Cv0_dsFor two days in a row, we’ve been told by DC panels that Shazam fans will be “very happy”. I’m going to read into that an ongoing Shazam series, aren’t you?

Add that to the new Booster Gold series of course.

Charles Soule’s first two part story for Swamp Thing, he brings in John Constantine and a Scottish tree that dispenses delicious whisky. Any chance that tree could get an ongoing series?

And it looks like Carrie Kelly’s will-she-won’t-she be Robin nature will be teased out until breaking point.

Our cosplayer-on-the-street Will Romine asked the DC panel about the upcoming Villains Month, Bob Harras said that “there may be something”. There is something, Bob! There is! And it’s in September, not May!

Here’s Will Romine’s report from the panel…

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It’s your old pal Will Romine here writing from c2e2.  So far the Windy City has not lived up to its name.  Nary a breeze to cool me down as I traipse around the con in my flannel Starro costume.  Not to worry, I suffer for my art.

I just got out of the DC new 52 panel and managed to pick up some nuggets of info.  Here they are, all laid out like a Whitman’s sampler.  Unlike Whitman’s, there’s no chance of biting into a gross maple walnut.  And Away we go!

Nightwing: Nightwing will be moving to Chicago to track down Tony Zucco, who has been living under an alias.  This move will allow Dick Grayson to develop his own supporting cast. Also, pursuing Zucco is the one thing he can control.  Being a Talon candidate, Dick didn’t have a hand in his destiny, now he does.   Confirmed: Grayson will not be a Cubs fan.

Swamp Thing: John Constantine will appear in a two parter.  It will be set in Scotland where a poor village discovers that they have a whiskey tree, but the tree is not all it seems.  Because Swamp Thing can travel via the Green, the book will take him around the world.

Batman: Each issue of  Batman and Robin since Damien’s death has taken Bruce, aided by a supporting character,through a different stage of grief.  Also, Carrie Kelley will play a greater role than just the one appearance.

Trinity War: As we already know, Trinity War will play out across the three Justice League titles.hwever, ramifications will be felt in Phantom Stranger, Pandora (obvs) and Constantine.

Vibe: Vibe will go up against Batman,but not the Batman we expect.  I expect some kinky multiversity shit happening.

Jonah Hex:  Jonah comes to 21st century Gotham.  He encounters descendants of people he knew.  Also, he is weirded out by cars.

Red Lantern: Despite Guy Gardner getting a red ring, Rankorr will still be a presence in the book.  The two human Red

Lanterns will present different takes on the idea of the “Red Lantern of Earth.”  No plans for Razer, but DC recognizes the demand.

Swag:  At the end of May,  DC will distribute a guide to graphic novels, which will be available at all Comic shops.  This guide will suggest reading order and key story beats.

Well friends, that’s all I got.  I’m waiting in line for the next panel.  When I get in, the fun will start anew.

I’ll be here all weekend, so tweet me right @notacomplainer.


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