If You Can Get To London In The Next Few Hours, What Could Be More Important Than Going To Comiket?

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Okay, there may be one or two things. Funerals. Operations to remove kidney stones. But not many.

Today, near King’s Cross station (and they are doing the place up rather nicely at the moment) is Comiket, Britain’s largest small press fair with the most important comic creators in the land (and other lands) exhibiting (see below) and lots of events and things to look at. Such as these lovely walls.

And the Dave Gibbons WHAAAAT display and sale. Or some of the best cartoonists in the world drawing live on big displays, set to music and commentary.

There is nothing quite like Comiket, thus is the biggest one yet, and it’s at St Martin’s College. Yes, as in “She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge…” Get to Kings’s Cross, walk over the Regent’s Canal bridge, find the building then turn right and walk around it to the far side and you’re there.

It starts in two hours at 11 am, and runs through till 7pm. It’s free. You could pop out half way through to go to the Marshal Law signing at Gosh or to SWALC not too far nearby, or you could just bed in the for the day. I’m taking the kids and giving them twenty pounds each to buy as many comics as thy like. See you there. Tell ’em Bleeding Cool sent you.

Here’s the drawing schedule:

11.00-11.30: Stephen Collins The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil (Cape)

11.30-12.00: Terry Wiley Sleaze Castle (Markosia) and VerityFair (Sequential)

12.00-12.30: S.J. Harris Eustace (Cape)

12.30-1.00: Viviane Schwarz The Sleepwalkers (Walker Books) & Welcome To Your Awesome Robot (Nobrow)

1.00-1.30: Gary Northfield Derek the Sheep (Bloomsbury), Gary’s Garden (The Phoenix) and Teeny Tinysaurs (Walker)

1.30-2.00: Oliver East Trains Are… Mint, Proper Well High, Berlin, Swear Down (Blank Slate)

2.00-2.30: Hannah Eaton Naming Monsters (Myriad)

2.30-3.00: Dan Berry The Suitcase (Blank Slate)

3.00-3.30: Warren & Gary Pleece Montague Terrace (Cape) and The Great Unwashed (Escape Books)

3.30-4.00: Frazer Irving Batman (DC), Uncanny X-Men (Marvel), Gutsville (Image)

4.00-4.30: Chie Kutsuwada As You Like It (SelfMadeHero), The Story of Lee (NBM), Hagakure (Kodansha)

4.30-5.00: Darryl Cunningham Psychiatric Tales (Blank Slate) and Science Tales (Myriad)

5.00-5.30: Mark Stafford The Man Who Laughs (SelfMadeHero) and Cherubs (Dark Horse)

5.30-6.00: Inko Ketsueki (Markosia) and Fantasy World (Adjiey Media)

6.00-6.30: Neill Cameron Mo-Bot High (The DFC Library) and Pirates of Pangaea (The Phoenix)

And here’s who’ll be exhibiting there.

Aben Maler 60

Aben maler is a Danish publishing company devoted to putting out books of quality, including books by Danish authors, such as From Wonderland with Love, an English language collection of some of the best Danish comics from the past decade, co-published with Fantagraphics. The 676 collection now includes 28 original Danish comics. Translations are available for all of them. Latest titles include Mårdøn Smet’s Stig & Martha and John Kenn Mortensen’s Post-It Monsters. MORE:

Accent UK 12

Fresh from trips to New York’s  MoCCA festival and Dundee’s Comic Expo, Accent UK return to Comiket with their latest books featuring a
Victorian funeral wake, Monster hunting in the Louisiana swamplands
and a search for an invisible Man. Colin Mathieson and Dave West will
have (nearly) all the answers! MORE:

Adventures in Comics 33

Adventures in Comics takes place each year in February at Marine Studios, Margate. An exhibition of comics, graphic novels and sequential narratives, Adventures in Comics has now become a strong annual event which will get bigger and better every year! We have just collated this year’s entries to THE GREAT TREE into a full-colour newspaper. MORE:

Alex Brady 32

Alex is an illustrator and comic maker who works mainly with lino. She will be selling original prints and self-published comics Ordinary Street and Chorley Jack. Come and say hello!  MORE:

Alex Potts 37

Alex Potts will be selling his most recent comic, Hand, some of his other self-published comics and all four issues of the Comix Reader.  Alex will be sharing the table with David Greene. MORE:

Alizéé De Pin 54

Alizee brings short story comics and semi-conceptual zines to you. Autobiographical compilations, caricatures, social comments, and semi-conceptual home-printed books such as Badly DrawnGirls, Made in France, Breaktime with Frankenstein, and more… Come say hi, first comic festival in UK! MORE:

Anaseed Man 25

Anaseed Man will have titles including GART, 52KG and also has a new art zine in the in the works which should be available especially for Comiket! MORE:

Andy Poyiadgi 23

I’ll be selling copies of my short comics Teapot Therapy and On Reflection, plus a new print of The Barkling and the first of my Teabag Tales micro comics. There will be biscuits. MORE:

Anorak Magazine 20

The Anorak Press is an independent kids publishing house established in 2006 by proud Mum Cathy Olmedillas. Anorak Magazine, the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. Anorak’s main philosophy is to encourage children to tap into their imagination, use their creativity to learn and is here to amplify their voices. It has at the core of its offering a passion for words and images that challenge and stimulate. MORE:

Apes ‘n’ Capes 18

Representing the Dead Universe Publishing label are Matt Rooke and Grainne McEntee with Apes ‘n’ Capes. Other titles published under the DUP banner include Bertie Bear, The Mystery Boys, Nowehereville, The Vale, Little Terrors and Aylesbury Dead and will also be available. We are
an eclectic bunch of creators! MORE:

Atlantic Press 46

Our rare and collectable books present imaginative ideas or tell intriguing stories. We are an independent press, publishing limited edition first books by authorial illustrators. Our newest publications include a murder mystery comic book, a WW1 hand-cut illustrated metanarrative and the world’s first academic book on Authorial Illustration. MORE:

Avery Hill Publishing 8
Our flagship titles are ‘Reads’, a comics anthology and ‘Tiny Dancing’, an arts and humour magazine.  At Comiket we’ll have the new print of ‘Grey Area’ #1 from writer/artist Tim Bird,  the long awaited Close Up Masterchef Vol.2 and Reads Vol.3 will be hot off of the press. MORE:

Becky Bagley 30
My titles are a collection of short stories, long musings and general idiocies that I’ve dreamt up and scribbled down. From Robots to Boxing animals, they cover a range of interests and art styles which, when observed together, contain the answer to the meaning of life. Probably. MORE:

Blank Slate 43
A graphic novel publisher of new talent from the UK and translated work from all over Europe. We are responsible for titles such as Psychiatric Tales, Luchadoras, the Trains Are… Mint series, Sparky O’Hare, Spleenal, Nelson and more! Recent titles include The Silver Darlings & Felt Mistress. Advance preview copies of the latest releases The Suitcase and Swear Down are available at Comiket and author Dan Berry and Oliver East are attending. MORE:

Cass Art 24

Looking for Art Supplies, London? We’re a leading independent retailer of art tools for creative people. Whether you’re 3 or 103, we have the finest art supplies. You could win a £100 Cass Art voucher in our Draw-A-Comic Competition on our stand using our easels or at the tables in the White Lab. Also sign up to our mailing list and enter a prize draw for a £50 Cass Art voucher. Cass Art is also supporting the three CSM student competitions. MORE:

Captain Jihad 51

‘Captain Jihad!’ is an independent comic book series following the titular Captain Jihad as he struggles to come to terms with being a) the world’s first Islamic-extremist superhero and b) generally a bit rubbish. This is the launch of the series, with the first two issues for sale and signing.

Chie Kutsuwada 42

Chie Kutsuwada will be there to sell my manga comics, including The Story of Lee and the most recent book about the famous samurai worrier, The Book of Five Rings, and some postcards as well. I will take sketch commissions and do book signing too. MORE:

Cliodhna Lyons 13

Ztoical offer a range of comics such as Underground, Threes & Cheap Thrills, plus prints, cards and on-the-spot caricatures. MORE:

Crom – Cristian Ortiz 26

Crom – Cristian Ortiz is the creator of comic book Golden Campaign which sold out in its first week of release in 2012. This year a second edition will be available to buy along with some posters and a chance to go through the sketchbooks and original pages used for the making of the project. MORE:

Dan Berry 44
Dan is an artist, lecturer and host of the comics podcast ‘Make It Then Tell Everybody’. Dan will be signing and drawing on copies of his comics, prints and taking drawing requests throughout the day. He draws comics such as After We Shot The Grizzly and Cat Island. The first advance copies of his book The Suitcase from Blank Slate Books will be available on the day. MORE:

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey 59
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a pioneer and guru of webcomics and hypercomics, and creator/curator of the Black Hats In Hell! exhibition, with CSM students and guests Sean Azzopardi and Douglas Noble, on show at Comica in the Platform Theatre Gallery. Come and discover his latest print-based experimental comics. MORE:

David Lander 32
Decadence is a comic anthology and collective that publish’s science fiction stories . Their comics feature psychedelic altered states and dystopian visions.  Futures and alternative realities are projected while an awareness of the past and present are retained.  Decadence comics attempt to break down reality and confront the idea of duality within the Cosmos. MORE:

Dimple Goswami & Isabel Stewart 50
Isabel and Dimple are a pair of London based illustrators who like to make zines, illustrations and short comics together about a range of themes and things they are inspired by.
Isabel Stewart
Dimple Goswami

Dilraj Mann 58
Dilraj Mann – prints, original art and risographs.MORE:

Douglas Noble 19
Douglas Noble was raised in the Borders. His previous work includes the comics “The Silent Choir”, “Built of Blood and Bricks”, and “Live Static”, and his comics have been exhibited internationally. He is also the author of the play “Phist”, which was performed by Dundee’s Going Nowhere theatre troupe. MORE:

Eat, Sleep, Sniff 27
Drawing comics with a feline persuasion, Rus of Eat, Sleep, Sniff has been known to create stories that don’t include cats. But it’s rare. At Comica Comiket there’ll be some brand new mini-comics as well as the usual stock plus cards, prints, badges and anything else that a cat looks good on… MORE:

EdieOP 56

EdieOP will be selling an assortment of zines, prints,badges and other arty goodies. Including Jonah; a morbid tale about the importance of feeding your fish and 7 Blows to the Head; 7 stories about 7 head injuries. MORE:

Elemental Micah 49

First editions of the unconventional super human graphic novel Elemental Micah will be available at Comiket! Containing the first four books from the series, volume one called “Just Exhale” also features new art, words from the artist and a foreword by novelist CJ Lines. MORE:

Elliot Baggott 37

Elliot Baggott is a Comic artist whose work explores processes of urban decay and regeneration, and their parallels in the field of conservation. One recent work, The Athlete, explores the impact of Olympic events on vulnerable sections of society. MORE:

Eternal Believer 61

Hello!  I will be selling the first issue of my comic called, “Stampede: Jessica’s story”. This comic is about
social inequality amongst poor urban youth and friendship. I will also be selling postcards and badges. MORE:

Frank Fiorentino 28
Frank Fiorentino is an award-winning graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design. He is the publisher of Sparrow Press, and author/illustrator of several indie graphic publications, including The Atlantic, I Don’t Blame You, and most notably, The Song of Otto. MORE:


FROGMAN is a not-so-super superhero who kicks, punches and shags his way through his rubbish life, sort of fighting crime and sort of saving the day. It’s got action, romance, jokes, puns, nerd-references and scenes of hardcore sex and violence. What more could you want? MORE:

GIUDA edizioni 9

G.I.U.D.A., Geographical Institute of Unconventional Drawing Art, is an Italian magazine born in 2009: the main focus is the relation between Geography and Comics. The first 4 issues were dedicated to Montparnasse cemetery (1st),
PreRaphaelites movement in London (2nd), Happy Days and Milwaukee
(3rd) and Durand Line in Afghanistan and Alighiero Boetti (4th). MORE:

Goldflower Illustrations 53
You can choose to buy between 4 self published original illustrated books for children and adults from Anthi Chrysanthou and single page hand-drawn comics. Also, a list where the visitors can sign to a newsletter list. MORE:

Howard Hardiman 38
After graduating in 2011 from the MA in Visual Arts at Camberwell, Howard has completed The Lengths, a 200-page series based on interviews with male sex workers in London. Howard is currently the artist in residence at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight. MORE:

Inko 42

Inko will be signing her action manga “Ketsueki” on purchase at the table. Manga postcards and commissions are also available. And get your manga portrait drawn by Inko, see how you turn into a manga character! MORE:

Ink + Paper 40
Ink+PAPER is the chunky little comics magazine packed with stories and features to entertain, challenge and amuse. We’ll have issues #2 and #3 on sale. Over 100 pages each of full-colour comics. We’ll also have Tozo, Monster & Chips and minicomics!  Come by and say hello. MORE:

Isabel Greenberg 30
Isabel Greenberg is a London based illustrator and comics artist. She has just finished her first graphic novel for Jonathan Cape ‘The Encyclopedia of Early Earth’ , which is due out in the Autumn. She will be selling her small press books, zines, badges , prints and other stuff too! MORE:

Joe Sparrow 39

Joe Sparrow is a freelance Illustrator & Animator living and working in London. His comics include Omnipathy #1 & #2. MORE:

John Miers 59
The eternal lunchtime of the spotless plate. Details to follow…

Jonathan Cape 10
Jonathan Cape Graphic Novels present advance preview copies of Stephen Collins’ eagerly anticipated debut book, plus authors of other recent titles such as S.J. Collins and Warren & Gary Pleece signing on their table. Come and discover The Acclaimed Graphic Books List.  MORE:

Karen Rubins 40
My comics include Blood Magic, 28 page black and spot colour comic fantasy, produced in association with the V&A as part of the Comics Artist residency. I am always working on new projects, and welcome interest from any writers, publishers or educators. MORE:

Knockabout Comics 2

Hunt Emerson will be signing Dante’s Inferno and his other titles. Also on sale, Krent Able’s Big Book of Mischief, Robert & Aline Crumb’s Drawn Together and Lost Girls by Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie. Plus lots of other Knockabout stuff. MORE:

Kripa Kreations 50

Miss Moti books including the recent Miss Moti and her Short Stories and merchandise like greeting cards, magnets and mirrors.  MORE:

Lizz Lunney 38

Lizz will be selling copies of all of her latest comics including “At The End of Your Garden” and “Depressed Cat- Nine Miserable Lives” as well as badges, prints and other awesome gifts. MORE:

LOAf Magazine 51

Get the first issue of LOAf Magazine, a new bi-annual comic featuring work by over 30 writers and artists.  Comics and prints from our contributors will also be for sale. And we’ll be jamming some comics, playing some games – bring a pencil, join us! MORE:

Lyndon White and Tyler Wilson 41

My table will include copies of Where were you? my 24 page comic, along with a range of A3 prints and original drawings. I’ll happily sign any of my work throughout the day. MORE:

Marc Ellerby / Great Beast Comics 29

Marc Ellerby is a comics illustrator based in Essex, England. He is the creator of the graphic novel Ellerbisms: A Sporadic Diary Comic and the ongoing series Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter. He has work published by Oni Press, Image Comics and Boom! Studios.
Marc Ellerby:
Great Beast Comics:

Mark Cooper 25

Details and website to follow…

Martin Eden 3

Independent creator Martin Eden will be selling his award-nominated comics at the Comiket this Spring: Spandex, a ground-breaking comic about an all-gay superhero
team, and The O Men, an epic supehero soap opera! MORE:

Melon Shrub 45

Jack Burston, Murray Somerville and Daisy Wolff-Whitehouse will be on the table and we’ll be selling all six issues of our bi-monthly comic-filled zine, Macro Shrub, as well as assorted other individual pieces of work. MORE:

Michael Lomon 25

CRIMINAL! (Issue 2 launching at Comiket!) is a series of one shot, short stories, following the trials and tribulations of Nova City’s
most deprived, most debauched and mostly daft criminal elements.
Metal Between Two Faces is a science fiction adventure story set in
the not too distant future, involving the misadventures of one 16
year old Toby Alastor as he becomes embroiled in an unravelling
series of events that will shape the future of the earth itself.
Original artwork from these titles will be available to purchase.

Myriad Editions 17

Independent publisher offering a distinctive selection of unconventional viewpoints, new voices and new ways of seeing. Its graphic authors include Woodrow Phoenix, Kate Evans, Aneurin Wright, Darryl Cunningham and Nicola Streeten. At Comiket, Hannah Eaton will sign a limited number of advance copies of her graphic novel Naming Monsters. Later in 2013 Myriad will publish Gareth Brookes, winner of the
First Graphic Novel Competition .

Newfangled Press 58

Come and meet this collective, recently re-branded from Inanimate Objectives, including work by the artist Kooky Cherry. MORE:


Nicholas Angell 14

Nich Angell is a comic-book illustrator who has worked for Titan Magazines and other kid’s comic strips. He has his own graphic novel ‘7STRING’ which he will be selling from his table. Nich also draws the daily webcomic Cat and Meringue. MORE:

Nobrow & Flying Eye Books 4

Nobrow works with talented illustrators from around the world to produce books, prints and other fine collectable objects. Flying Eye books bring together illustrious illustrators and awesome authors to create beautiful, wonder-filled works of fiction and non-fiction. MORE:

Oliver Lamden 6

Modern Monstrosity have been self-publishing their action/adventure sit-com comic book, Tales From The Flat since 1999. Come and see Oliver’s latest titles. MORE:

Orful Comics 49

Rob Cureton is the writer and artist behind Scene City and the auto-bio web-comic Orful Comics. MORE:

Owen D. Pomery 28

I create the graphic miniseries ‘Between the Billboards’ and will be releasing Part V, the penultimate episode in the saga. I am also responsible for ‘The Megatherium Club’ and ‘Benson’. MORE:

Paulina Vassileva 31

Paulina will be selling limited edition prints of her artwork and will also be available for questions regarding her work, future projects or anything else that may come to mind. MORE:

Paul Rainey 35

I will be selling copies of Thunder Brother: Soap Division. In it, all soap operas are real. The comic is told from the point of view of the organisation, Soap Division, which secretly records the lives of these people for our entertainment and, more accurately, the security officer, Thunder Brother, and his young apprentice, Sally, whose job it is to protect these soap-worlds from unofficial external influence. MORE:

Penny Blackfeather Comics 23

Francesca Dare presents “Penny Blackfeather”, her continuing adventure story set in a world once described as “Jane Austen on Steampunk Crack”! Join Penny and her friends as they encounter ghosts, sinister magic and other worlds. And a parrot. MORE:

Philippa Rice 11

Titles include My Cardboard Life, Recylost, St. Colin and the Dragon, plus risograph prints, mini-comic, mugs and more. MORE:

The Phoenix 57

What is THE PHOENIX? A weekly 32-page full colour comic, in both print and digital versions, full of 100% original stories and incredible competitions, amazing value for money and the best way to get kids reading! Gary Northfield from ‘Gary’s Garden’ and Neill Cameron from ‘Pirates of Pangaea’ will be on our table drawing and signing. MORE:

Richy Chandler 21

Visit Richy’s table for prints and comics from the Tempo Lush range including a grizzly bear shaped box of mini-comics, Rosie and Jacinda, a fairytale inspired romantic comedy Manga plus the newly released Lucy the Octopus collection, Better in Small Doses. MORE:

Robert Wells 35

Robert Wells is the creator of the comics Crisp Biscuit, Crisp, Colin Comix, and Crisp Biscuit Comics.  His latest series is the superhero comedy Department of the Peculiar, written by Rol Hirst, two issues of which are now available.  He will be selling comics and sketching on demand. MORE:

Robin Barnard 52

Robin Barnard will be here in person with his creation WHAT MEN, a 96 page parody in black and white dynamite taking creators rights, work for hire, internet pundits, the death of mainstream creativity, the death of mainstream comics and so much more all in a unique experiment that will blow your mind. Chris J. Thompson of Pop Culture Hound said: “An ambitious and unique comics experiment—What Men takes what you think you know and makes you look at it again with fresh eyes.” Free hand drawn sketch with every copy of WHAT MEN sold. MORE:

Rob Jackson 19

Rob Jackson is a cartoonist from Bolton. He will be bringing his new book ‘The Storytellers’ and the four issues of his new series ‘California’. He will also bring his older comics such as ‘It’s a Man’s Life in the Ice Cream Business’ , ‘The Gods must be Bastards’ and ‘Goblin Hall’. MORE:

Sammy Borras & Sarah Fogg 56

Comics and Zines created by Sammy Borras and Sarah Fogg such as This Is Not A Serious Music Publication, Eat Me, What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf?, Bad Fairy Bakery, Best Day Ever and Jumping The Shark. MORE:

Sam Webster 55

Details to follow…

Sarah Graley 34

I am a illustrator, author, comic book artist and a ukulele wizard! My comics include Adventures in Angst Volume 1 and Our Super Adventure Book 1, plus art prints, pocket mirrors and badges. MORE:

Sarah Jones 52

I will be selling my atmospheric comic The Doll Maker. I will also have available to purchase, beautifully dark illustrated prints and postcards and my hand made books about the the silly adventures of a young lady called Plain Jane. MORE:

Sean Azzopardi 5

Titles on sale include Twelve Hour Shift, Same Day Return, Ed, 100 Days of Winter, Sketchbook 3, Dark Matters with Douglas Noble, and Necessary Monsters with Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, plus D’Accord, an anthology of international cartoonists. MORE:

SelfMadeHero 15

SelfMadeHero is a publisher of the finest fiction, biography, history and humour in the graphic novel medium that showcases leading authors and artists from around the world: from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. Previewing at Comiket will be The Man Who Laughs by Mark Stafford and David Hine and Don Quixote Vol.2 by Rob Davis. MORE:

Sequential 47

Sequential is the unique digital graphic novel storefront app for the iPad, bringing together literary graphic novels from the world’s leading publishers and creators. Suitable for ladies and gentlemen of taste and sophistication. Published authors Darryl Cunningham, Hunt Emerson and Terry Wiley will sign the stand. Complete our quiz on the stand and enter a draw to win an iPad Mini, announced 6.30pm Saturday – you must be there to win! MORE:

Soaring Penguin Press 45

Soaring Penguin Press is an eclectic publisher of both graphic fiction and poetry.  Titles include Ellen Lindner’s Undertow, Chrissy Williams’ The Jam Trap, and Little Death, hailed by Bleeding Cool News as the next comic cult hit. MORE:

Space Babe 113 1

Space Babe is John Maybury’s surreal, naughty SF comedy. It features stylish and stylised, minimalist artwork, big-hair and talking knickers. MORE:

Subversive Comics 48

Publisher of the Zombie Bears comic “Bearlands”, as well as the Bladerunner-meets-black-mirror science fiction epic “Metal Made Flesh”.  Described by one reviewer as “The best indie comic I’ve read in years.”  Writer Jeremy Biggs will be in attendance for signings. MORE:

Thunderbolts Comics 54

Presenting the latest titles including Power Punks, The Midnight Ninja and Fatman by creator Michael Adebayo. MORE:

Valeriya F. 48

Valeriya F. is a young aspiring manga and comic artist, working hard on introducing her world to you. At the Comica Comiket this April, she’ll sell a lot of prints of her original artworks, preview to her upcoming manga and original illustrations. So please don’t forget to stop by her table! MORE:

Walker Books 36

Walker Books offer a range of graphic novels and adaptations. At Comiket they will be promoting their latest titles: The Sleepwalkers by Viviane Schwarz, Teeny Tinysaurs by Gary Northfield and the second book of Gum Girl by Andi Watson. MORE:

The Westies of West London 53

The Westies of West London is a cartoon about West Highland Terrier dogs living in West London and the mischief they accomplish! The inspiration for this cartoon is based on an office dog, Casper, who comes into “work” everyday with his owners causing havoc and mayhem along the way. MORE:

T’sao Wei 34

Windrush is a Wuxia/Superhero ongoing comic book series about the assassination of the superhero Windrush, and how her daughter Lauren takes the mantle. The brand new issue 2 of Windrush will be available on the table, alongside the usual comic books such as Through These Slanted Eyes and Neon Loneliness. MORE:

Woodrow Phoenix  16
Rare collectibles from Woodrow Phoenix, an artist and writer who has amassed too many toys for one studio. He is the author of Plastic Culture. Sugar Buzz and Rumble Strip.  MORE:

Zarina Liew 22

Zarina Liew is a London-based, freelance fashion illustrator and award-winning comic artist. Her work has appeared editorially in various publications and advertorial campaigns across Europe. Her comics include Le Mime, Art of Sleep and Rosie & Jacinda. She will be selling art prints and her self-published comics during this event. MORE:

The Zoom! 7

12-year-old Zoom Rockman selling copies of his 7th comic. The latest jam packed issue includes: Another collectible ‘Zoom’ badge, free food vouchers for ‘George’s Fish n Chips’, more from ‘Rajco’ the newsagent, ‘Kebab Shop of Horrors’, ‘Crasher’, ‘Ace’ and introducing new cover star ‘Skanky Pigeon.’ MORE:

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