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Vikings Panel Pic

Aaron Hale reports for Bleeding Cool from WonderCon

The panel was represented by most of  the show’s principal cast: Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, and  George Blagden as the Anglo Saxon monk Athelstan. Sadly missing was Gabriel Byrne, who plays the main antagonist Earl Haraldson, the tribal Chieftan.   Vikings is a show you should be watching. It’s not surprising with other networks running shows like Game of Thones and Spartacus that the History Channel would try to get their foot in the door.

The History Channel spared no expense on marketing this show for Wonder Con. From having multiple banners in the hall, to being plastered over every attendee bag, and trading cards being circulated to attendees, this is a show they believe in. For those of you used to the long lines of SDCC, this panel was easy enough to get in; however by the time it started, the room was packed to capacity. WIth its expensive budget (yes they actually have a seaworthy viking raider) it is not certain whether or not this show will get a second season.

The show follows historical Viking warrior Ragnar who believes more plunder and adventure lies to the West which brings him into conflict with the tribal Chieftan, Earl Haraldson. If you’re watching the show, you know Ragnar comes into contact with an Anglo-Saxon settlement, setting off a series of conflicts based on this collision of two worlds.

The panel highlighted the great chemistry between cast members of Vikings. Many attendees got the vibe that there might be some real world romance going on between start Fimmel and Winnick. Numerous times during the panel Fimmel and the cast made loving jokes at George Blagdens expense. The panel ended with a partial screening of episode 6, which was very spoiler heavy.

Spoilers and Speculation Below: Bullet Point Style

From the Panel

  • Expect a love triangle between Ragnar, Lagertha, and Athelstan

  • Though alluded to in the show do not expect any hanky panky between Lagetha and Rollo, Ragnar’s brother

  • Due to expense, it seemed uncertain how many seasons there will be after the first. According to Dirk Hoogstra no preparation has been made for a second season as of yet.

  • Expect to see Athelstan having a major crisis of conscience in concerns to his faith and going on a raid around episode 8.

  • The Good Earl and Ragnar will be working out their differences. I wouldn’t expect a nice dialogue, but plenty of Ragnar’s axe

From the Preview of Episode 6

  • Clip starts with Ragnar hunting for dinner in the woods, when in the distance he hears screams and cries coming from his village. Looks like the Good Earl has decided to take out Ragnar.

  • While in town, shieldmaiden Lagertha has her shield and sword ready to protect the kids and Athelstan

  • On the way back to his home expect Ragnar to add another twelve notches to his axe handle. I have to say, not as bloody as Game of Thrones, but this scene was pretty awesome.

  • Also expect to see Ragnar take on a little battle damage himself,  like an arrow to the lung and a major wound to the leg.

  • Upon arriving back to his home, Ragnar instructs Lagertha to flee under the house and get to a boat with Athelstan (also I might add wielding an axe) and to wait for him.

  • While the family flees, Ragnar iis caught and has a major “kneel before Zod” moment. When looking like at death’s door kneeling before the Earl, Ragnar grabs a weapon takes out two more warriors and flees.

  • Ragnar comes to the edge of a cliff where he sees his family below fleeing in a boat. Ragnar doesn’t jump but falls to the water. End clip: Ragnars body under water no movement.

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