Friday Runaround – When Baby Iron Man Had A Nose

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Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss 2 may be banned in Canada., But he’s still going to be speaking there at the Knox Presbyterian Church next month. Will he bring copies, I wonder?


Dynamic Forces give Baby Iron Man a nose for their exclusive (cover priced) cover.



Amazon announces it has purchased GoodReads.

“Amazon and Goodreads share a passion for reinventing reading,” said Russ Grandinetti, Amazon Vice President, Kindle Content. “Goodreads has helped change how we discover and discuss books and, with Kindle, Amazon has helped expand reading around the world. In addition, both Amazon and Goodreads have helped thousands of authors reach a wider audience and make a better living at their craft. Together we intend to build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike.”


Mike Kunkel teases a new Herobear and the Kid special

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The Art References has advice for any aspiring writers or artists with “The Ten Commandments of Working at Home

“Working off-site doesn’t just mean the comfort of sipping mai tais while wearing your fuzzy slippers, although that does sound pretty comofrtable. To work at home is also to be distracted by all the comforts of home. Xeth Feinberg suggests getting up at the crack of 10 A.M., spending no more than four or five hours on Facebook, and enver answering the phone if you can use e-mail. In addition to Mr. Feinberg’s suggestions, I’d like to present my “10 Commandments of Working at Home,” with the hope that it might not oly help make for a more efficient workday, but also ensure the work might be done by 7 P.M., giving the worker a clearly defined work time/home life boundary.”


Cover art and a track-list for the soundtrack for this summer’s sure-to-be-blockbuster Iron Man 3 have been revealed.


“First up, the bad news: there is a noticeable lack of AC/DC on the “Iron Man 3” soundtrack. I guess the people behind the album figured that nothing could top the show-stopping inclusion of “Shoot To Thrill” in “Marvel’s the Avengers” (one of the best moments in a film comprised entirely of best moments). The good news is that this album has a healthy mix of selections from indie rock and alternative bands, including critical darlings Passion Pit and hot band Neon Trees.”

WIRED WORLD takes a look at the various comic book apps available.

“While virtually every comic publisher has a standalone app, ComiXology’s overarching reader has become the dominant force in the field. With dozens of publishers and same-day releases, it’s an apt competitor for your local shop; with navigation that lets you effortlessly zoom in and pore over one panel at a time, it’s enough to go digital and never look back.”



Telltale Games’ adaptation of Fables will be titled The Wolf Among Us and focus on Bigby Wolf

“Telltale has revealed that its game based on DC comics series Fables will be titled The Wolf Among Us. Set to arrive on Xbox 360, PC, Mac and PlayStation 3 this summer, The Wolf Among Us takes place prior to the comics and lets players take on the role of Bigby Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf), who has been exiled to New York City. The game follows Wolf as he tries to keep fairy tale characters including Mr. Toad and the Three Little Pigs undetected in our world.”


Wonder Woman-inspired Kia to be shown at New York International Car Show

“Within, red upholstery and dash pieces combined with blue LED lighting were added to continue the Sportage’s exterior color scheme into the cabin.  The custom seats were inspired by Wonder Woman’s signature garb and embroidered with her logo, while the cargo area of the vehicle is adorned with stars and an eagle and features a see-through panel, which displays Wonder Woman’s tiara, bracelets and glowing Lasso of Truth.”


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