Boundless Plug of the Week – WAR GODDESS #9

Sexy heroine? Check. Zombies? Check. Ass-kicking? Check. Naked beauty’s torso floating in the juices of a heavily armed exoskeleton? Check. Looks like the new issue of War Goddess is ready for release!

In War Goddess #9, which hits comic shops tomorrow, the immortal Pandora trespasses on an offshore platform guarded by Shimmer, a massive cybernetic juggernaut. Pandora, in her quest to eliminate the extra-dimensional evil she unwittingly unleashed earlier in the series, must now convince the walking tank — one programmed to eliminate all intruders — to assist in wiping out the army of corrupted employees stalking the platform’s corridors. It’s not an easy job. Shimmer’s programming runs deep, and there’s not much time for argument with zombies flooding the labyrinthine corridors.

Enjoy our preview of War Goddess #9 below, as written by Mike Wolfer (Stitched, Lady Death) and illustrated by Andres Ponce!

War Goddess #9 is available in a handful of variant cover editions, allowing fans the freedom of choice! Our available covers include Regular, Sultry, and Wraparound. Select retailers may also have the Art Nouveau Incentive edition available.

WAR GODDESS #9 Regular Edition
Cover by Renato Camilo
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: MAY121007

WAR GODDESS #9 Sultry Edition
Cover by Renato Camilo
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: MAY121008

WAR GODDESS #9 Wraparound Edition
Cover by Michael DiPascale
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code: MAY121009