Beware Of Buying San Diego Comic Con Tickets…

The San Diego Comic Con site makes it clear. There will be random badge checks throughout the show, and you will need a Photo ID that matches your badge at all time, or risk being thrown out of the show.

However this has not stopped people continuing to sell tickets outside of the show. Previously security was limited to whether or not you were a man or a woman or not. This time it will be much harder,

The accepted ticket price seems to be around $100-$200 a day on CraigsList (selling appears to have been banned on eBay), depending on the day, but few people seem to be offering solutions as to why the name on the ticket won’t match the name on your Photo ID.

Unless of course they also get a fake Photo ID.

I wonder if they can draft in any Judge Dredd cosplayers to lay down the law? Even if people swap them for an New iPad?


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