DC Comics Golden & Silver Age Great Sheldon Moldoff Has Passed Away At Age 91

DC Comics Golden & Silver Age great Sheldon Moldoff passed away at the age of 91. His family has tweeted from his official twitter account:

It's a sad day. Sheldon Moldoff has passed away at the age of 91. We have lost one of the greatest golden age artists of all time. Funeral services march 6, 2012 at Kraeer funeral home 1655 University Drive, Coral Springs at 11:00 am, 954 753-8960. From our family Richard, Ken and Ellen we will miss him. We want to say thanks to all his friends and fans.

Born in Manhattan in 1920, Moldoff's first professional comic book work was a sports filler page titled "Odds 'N Ends" for the inside back cover of Action Comics #1 in 1938.  Moldoff is known for his formative work on Hawkman, (he drew the character in Flash Comics #4-61, 1940-1945) and as one of Bob Kane's primary ghost artists on Batman.

His contributions to Batman were substantial.  He started helping out on the Batman feature in Detective Comics with Detective Comics #30 in 1939, reportedly working on backgrounds at first, just three months after Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27.  He became the character's primary penciler during the mid-1950s and through much of the Silver Age, handling pencils on the Batman feature in Detective Comics on most issues from 1953 to 1968 (issues #200-372) and in Batman on most issues from 1954-1968 (issues #81-199 and scattered issues after that).  During this period, he co-created Batman supervillains Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze among numerous other characters.

He also drew the covers for the first appearances of both Green Lantern and Flash,  and one of the chapters of the story that introduced the world to the concept of the all-star superhero team-up in All-Star Comics #3 (first appearance of the Justice Society of America) early on in a career at DC that ultimately spanned over three decades.

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