Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Richard Stanley And I Adapt THE GREAT GOD PAN Part 3

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Richard Stanley And I Adapt THE GREAT GOD PAN Part 3

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I’m travelling, so in lieu of a regular column, here is the treatment for a movie adaptation of Arthur Machen’s late 19th Century horror novel THE GREAT GOD PAN.

I really doubt Richard and I ever really expected to pitch this thing or that it would ever be produced. It was a palette-cleanser for us both as we were between whatever projects we were each doing at the time.


Photojournalist Robert Dane meets troubled supermodel Miranda Quill, who is being stalked by weird Christian extremists who think she’s going to cause the end of the world. He decides to help and finds her troubles linked to her past and mysterious parentage. Her mother had sex with the Great God Pan during the Summer of Love in the Sixties and a group of pagans think Miranda is a daemon child destined to bring about the end of the world. Determined to rescue her from a conspiracy of madmen, Richard asks his mercenary friend Skeev for help in rescuing her. But does she really need rescuing? As they storm the live concert event to rescue her. The concert is really a covert ritual where Miranda will unleash her powers…

And now the conclusion.


Robert now totally obsessed. Skeev believes Miranda was telling the truth. They have to stop her. Where and how is she gonna do it? A blood sacrifice is required. A massive ritual is planned. But where? When? They spot adverts for the Environment Fashion Benefit event at the Solstice. So that’s where they’re gonna sacrifice her.

Robert and Skeev sneak into the Gaia benefit. Recognise several of the pagans on the crew prepping stuff. Stone circles erected, sigils painted, but no one notices. Event being broadcast live all over the world.

Event starts. Loads of flash, greenery, hypocritic earnestness about the environment. Finally — Miranda brought on, looks in a trance, performance piece of her being sacrificed by male model dressed as goatman/ high priest manqué, all very cheesy. Only Robert and Skeev know the sacrifice is for real. Before the dagger is brought down, Robert and Skeev blow away high priest and several pagans and bodyguards. Jump on stage, try to rescue Miranda. “You’re ruining everything!” she screams. Christian show up with lots of guns. MASSIVE SHOOT-OUT. Loads of people blown away in crossfire. Skeev gets killed.

Miranda really pissed off now, unleashes her power — slaughters Christians spectacularly. Robert freaks, realises she really was deadly all along. He shoots her with Skeev’s gun. As she dies, she smiles. That’s what she wanted all along. She is the avatar of nature and humanity, half-human, half-goddess, she has to shed her flesh to be able to really do damage.

The sky turns strange colours. Electrical storms. Everything’s fucked. Bye-bye humanity. Boy, has Robert really screwed up!


Outline © Richard Stanley and Adisakdi Tantimedh

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Look! It Moves! © Adisakdi Tantimedh

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