Sunday Trending Topics: Crashing The Avengers Party?

Sunday Trending Topics: Crashing The Avengers Party?

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Although I have to agree with Brendon’s assessment of the likelihood of this rumor, the wow factor makes it impossible to ignore.  It might (potentially) recreate one of my favorite Marvel crossovers of the Silver Age, so it would be interesting to see if they would bring any of the original story elements into the film.

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Has The Most Mind-Blowing Of Possible Avengers Cameos Been Revealed? 

Here’s a photo of the key page, courtesy of Little Bleeder Martin. Turn back now unless you want to plunge into this unlikely, but potentially colossal spoiler with us:

Sherlock’s Producers “Will Protect Its Interest And Wellbeing” In Face Of Its American… Cousin

Nobody has seen anything of CBS’ upcoming mystery show Elementary yet, because not a single scene has been shot, but there’s certainly something familiar about the concept:

Another Avengers Set Piece Detailed – Loki Hijinks Spoiled 

Here’s the loose set-up of an action scene that would seem to come from The Avengers. It’s also the blurb that accompanies an upcoming pack of plastic bricks, intended to tie-in with the movie:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel April 2012 Covers In Thumbnail Form

You’ve already seen Marvel’s April 2012 solicitations – albeit with the credits of March. Well, now here are all the covers… in thumbnail form.

Rob Liefeld And Robert Kirkman Kill The Infinite Over Creative Differences

Unfortunately creative differences have sunk the Infinite. It’s over.

Marvel’s April 2012 Solicitations – Cullen Bunn Takes Wolverine From Jason Aaron, The Summer’s Secret Symbiote Event And The End Of Moon Knight? 

There seem to be a few glitches that need ironing out concerning credits but the details do give a few interesting revelations… such as Jason Aaron leaving Wolverine with #304 and Cullen Bunn taking over with #305, what appears to be the final issue of Moon Knight with #12, hints of a Spider-Man symbiote-styled summer event, and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures starting, for the kiddiwinks.


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