Boom! Forgets To Tell Anyone That Grant Morrison’s Steed And Mrs Peel Is Twenty Years Old

I bought this the first time from Eclipse, Steed And Mrs Peel based on the sixties and seventies Avengers TV show, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by The Ballad of Halo Jones‘ Ian Gibson. A three issue prestige format comic. It was all right, nothing too special, and I remember enjoying Grant’s other work at the time, such as Animal Man and Doom Patrol, far more.

Now Boom is republishing the series in six issues… but doing so in a fashion in which they don’t seem to admit this was previously published. It seems to be absent from the solicitation and press copy sent out. This has led to some confused retailers, readers and bloggers wondering what’s what.

So if anyone can’t wait, you can buy the complete collection on eBay for $4…

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