Speculator's Corner: The Return Of The New 52 DC Number Ones

Speculator’s Corner: The Return Of The New 52 DC Number Ones

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You know those DC New 52 first prints that go for a little too much money on eBay?

Well, the price have been falling a little this week. Like Animal Man #1 going for $13, but generally going for $10. Batgirl #1 managed to hit $6 but generally goes for less. Detective Comics managed to hit $10… once. Batman #1 got $7 but generally the shine has gone off the high numbers the books were achieving only a couple of weeks ago. And a number of th New 52 are back around cover price?

Why so sudden a change, when the books had been nudging $20 and $30 in some cases?

Well it may have had something to do with this week and last week, a number of comic stores receiving surprised first prints of DC #1s with their second prints. Backorders for the first print that were thought unfilled, have suddenly seen stores receiving hundreds of extra copies of the non-red cover versions . Could be a glitch in the system, could be returned copies injected into the rest of the distribution network, could be a warehouse find. Whatever it is, it does seem to have dulled the speculators a tad.

When I asked DC about the new copies, they declined to comment. Of course, it may explain how the comic store in the Big Bang Theory is fully stocked with issue 1s, week after week after week…

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